Vinny Bex Dae

North Woods, Wisconsin, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Acoustic / Healing & EasyListening
Vinny Bex Dae is a band that wishes to present a live experience nothing less than spectacular to a listening audience that not only enjoys a knockout show, but also appreciates intelligent exploration of musical style. VBD is a well versed and intelligent sounding band, and they are able to play their music throughout a wide variety of styles suitable for almost any type of venue. In addition, their focus is to provide a show that will be heart-pounding, Have-To-Dance-To-It groovy, and nothing short of memorable to every person.

The aspiration of VBD is to create artistic music that is appealing to anybody willing to listen. Playing all-original fan-base hits such as “I’m Not Fireproof”, “Fortunate Son”, and “The Capture”, VBD continually wows die-hard fans and newcomers alike with a fresh new sound and a witty, intelligent, and sexy style of composition. Crowd interaction is a must with this personable and easy-to-enjoy band, and listeners will often get to meet and greet the musicians during breaks. This cements a strong bond between fan and performer, creating a loyal fan base that is willing to explore new venues in new locales. The utmost passion of every member of the band is delivering all-original material in a fresh new style that is absolutely dynamite, and this demeanor demands attention from every single listener in an audience.

Vinny Bex Dae is a fiery young band with ambition, charm, and creative approaches to showmanship and music composition. They are a sure delight to any fan of any style of music, and are willing to cater to any style of venue throughout the entire Midwest at reasonable prices. Negotiations are always welcome, as are advance dates. Vinny Bex Dae would also love to be your connection for a holiday date, private or business party, or any other occasion you can imagine!
With up to Four hours of original material for nearly any style venue and competitive pricing, there is no better choice for Midwestern original music than the one and only Vinny Bex Dae!
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