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"All Good Things Must Come To A Beginning" is the first of six thematic EPs every two weeks that lead towards the release of the second Urban Delights album in October. The first EP features four songs of the upcoming album: retrofuturistics partyrockin beats and indietronica for the mashup generation. catchy 21st century songs with a diy feel that celebrate the clash of funky electronic grooves and indie guitars. Yes, with this EP good things will beginn - with spectacular 12 weeks of "BOGOF". each release of an EP "for sale" is followed by some surprise "for free" one week later. 12 visual artists will be featured on the way with their interpretation of the songs.

All Good Things Must Come To A Beginning by minorbutmajor

"Hard & Easy" is the second EP in a series of six on the way to the new Urban Delights album "Analogue Players In A Digital World" in october. Whereas the first release concentrated on more song related material, this EP focuses on the the rougher and edgier side of Urban Delights. Four uptempo songs (three bonus tracks and one album song) push the rules aside:  playful vintage sampledelic madness clash with futuristic neo-synths, grungy guitars collide with twisted party breakbeats. Rocking style clash for the dancefloor, with a strong reference to uk club culture. One song features Harry K.s old band mate from Apollo 440 times, lead singer Mary Biker, on  the vocals.
The cover art features the hamburg streetartist and art rebel "rebelzer", a painting inspired by "Hard & Easy" - one of 12 artistic interpretations of the upcoming album songs.

Hard & Easy EP by minorbutmajor

The third EP "Stuck Inside The Disco" features one indie dancefloor filler and three side projects of the Urban Delights family:
"Magnetic Empire" re-fuses the two front men of Apollo 400. Mary Byker & Harry K telegram their infectious blend of circuit bending tunes from the beach of rio right back to the lanes of Brighton. "Its like playing digital table tennis over the ocean - but faster, cheaper and greener than a jet.".
"Harry K." - one half of Urban Delights music monster, is a selfconfessed hyperactive music addict. The moment a track is finished he dives in, cuts it up, shakes it and throws it back at you. Harry is on his 1man mission to search and distort.
"Simply Dredd" is an undercover mashup duo that even Urban Delights dont know. But they keep mailing great tracks, so UD asked them for a remix. They are about to release a big bag of bootlegs for the style clash generation.

Stuck Inside The Disco by urbandelights
Relax, people, relax! DOWNLOAD a chilled out 106 minutes DJ set, recorded on a sunny sunday afternoon at The Big Chill festival a couple of weeks ago. Cover versions and mash-ups, kind of a best of MixMeisterMalte. Rarities. Downloadable. FREE. Enjoy.

MixMeisterMalte @ The Big Chill 2009 by minorbutmajor for download click ? arrow on right side!

The style clash monster stripped down to the bones: We always wondered what an acoustic version of us would sound like. MTV Unplugged without the MTV.The fourth EP "SPRING TOWN - ACOUSTIC DELIGHTS" is the perfect record for the morning after the rave: Four acoustic versions of the past, present and future of Urban Delights. Chilled out and folky, but nevertheless funky & hypnotic.

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“Armed with his no compromise attitude Harry K. is fearlessly on the rampage again seducing you with his latest sonic cacophony of eardrum shaking reggae-bootleg-breaks”

HARRY K. (URBAN DELIGHTS) Raggae-Bootleg-Breaks DJ Mix


For the last three years Urban Delights have smuggled infectious riffs and beats into the fabric of global music with their debut album “Revolution No. 1”. From Europe to Australia Urban Delights have contributed to sought-after film soundtracks, snowboarding and extreme sports DVDs, advertising campaigns and of course dance floors of every independent persuasion. "This is beats for the rockers and rock for the clubbers - someone has to make drunken party records for the dance
floor!" - an Australian critic wrote.

On stage the British/German duo mutates into an incendiary cocktail of DJ-sound-system and indie-guitar rock. "We want to continue to explore the mixture of party-beats and live instruments. In future we’ll probably try to break up the traditional concert concept even further, we want to experiment with a mixture of live music and club culture…" says Hamburg based Malte Hagemeister.

As a band they’ve been on tour with Boysnoize founder Kid Alex, Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) sound-system. They’ve DJ’ed with Malente and Azzido da bass and they weren’t too shy or too cool to support Germany's pop superstar - number one Herbert Grönemeyer in two sold out stadium gigs in Hamburg. "Our music has so many cross references, so a lot of people have fun with it. The rockers love to dance, and in electro clubs you always see the hands go up when the guitar sample drops in! With us you get everything - and you get a chance to sing along, too…" says breakbeat fanatic Harry K. Earlier on in his career Harry K was an essential member of drum ‘n’ bass mash-up-masters Apollo 440, now he’s a well respected genre-breaking party DJ – pushing the boundaries with a mix of breaks, beats, hip-hop, ragga, electro & mash-ups. Add to this Hagemeister’s songwriter’s pop sensibilities (credits include German hip-hoppers Fettes Brot, Timo Maas and the Sugababes) and you’ve got a sound that feeds the heart, feet and head simultaneously.

Where the rough compliments the smooth.

Their new album "Analogue Players In A Digital World" will be released on the new label "Minor But Major" featuring collaborations with several British, German and international artists. "We want to create synergies that go beyond the usual artist-designs-record-cover thing - maybe gigs in galleries or exhibitions in dark clubs - we will see" Hagemeister reveals. "Street art, visual art - we want to try more than the typical release concept. Urban Delights parties will also be a concept-clash of a special kind!”

Retaining the ethos of “Revolution No. 1” their new album will unify opposites as though they were best friends: future electro sounds and retro samples, hip shaking break-beats and sing-along vocals, dirty samples and classical songwriting, old meets new, robot meets tree - the best of club-culture and rock music. They remain true to themselves - and apparently they’re right. When they released "Maybe Baby" as a free mp3 track with a local Brighton magazine it climbed to number 1 in its respective chart – the irony wasn’t lost on Harry K. "It’s funny - we’ve been doing our breakbeat thing for years and now suddenly we are compared with high-flyer Mark Ronson. Maybe the time is right for our style."

Harry K is a DJ, singer, bass player, producer & songwriter. He toured with the British band Apollo 440, wrote their hit "My Heart Goes Boom" and remixed many artists like Kool Keith, Asian Dub Foundation, Bloodhound Gang and Herbert Grönemeyer. His has his own releases as a solo artist as well as with his own bands (Maximum Roach, magnetic empire) on Electrolux, Hydrogen Jukebox & Mahogany Chopper/ New State.

Malte Hagemeister is a guitarist, singer, producer & songwriter. For many years he played with the German crossover-esperance "be", wrote and produced songs for geman hip hoppers Fettes Brot, Timo Maas, Sugababes and wrote a lot of music for big TV campaigns (AOL, IKEA, Honda, etc). Several own band projects include the Gogogos, iPunx and Hagemeister - (solo).


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