Unused Toys

Exeter, Southwest, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop Punk / Alternative / Rock
Dirt Track Records
Unused Toys amassed vast experience over 2 years, performing 115 gigs and recording 16 songs. In July 2006 the decision was taken to wind up the band, whilst members pursue other projects. For every member this was their first experience in a band having all met at the same school (and failed their music GCSE collectively (well, except for Ryan, oh and Matt just passed his). There was a special final gig on Halloween night 31st October 2006, where the band were given a proper send off with a sold-out gig.

The band and Grant would like to thank all the people who have helped along the way, the families of all the band, the friends who tolerated their early performances (esp those who still come to gigs even now!). To Neil for his recordings and to all the venues they have played at and the many amazing bands they have played with a big thank you. Mostly though thanks to anyone who came to sing along with us at any of our gigs and may still be singing along in their cars to the cds even now!

We are proud of what we have achieved, but nothing lasts for ever does it.

You can follow Aaron, Ryan and Matt in their new band The Sunshine Getaway

Dan is of course drumming for IDIOM

For such a small stage, seeing 5 people fitting on it is quite an impressive feat, though that doesnt bother them at all, as they dance and move their way around the stage to an enthusiastic and anxious crowd, ready to be bombarded by what can only be described as a hurricane of genre fusion, blowing at gale force winds around the pubUnused Toys are an extremely draining band to watch on stage, the amount of energy radiating from the band bringing the crowd to life Be sure to see them on the stage! Remember to bring your dancing shoes with you!" - quote from Hysteria June 2006 edition

The link to buy the full online mag. for £1. HYSTERIA ISSUE 2

The new 3 track CD "Lost in a Thousand Thoughts" was released on 19th June at The Fat Fish and available from Martian Records in Exeter, price £2.

The 11 track album "Living for Tomorrow" is also available from Martian Records in Exeter, Honiton and Exmouth and direct from the band, price 8.

The talented young five-piece have wrote some great tunes to bring a smile to anyones face. The lads gave you short bouncy songs that touched on the obvious subjects that impact on any young persons life - love, loss and rushing about doing stuff - all delivered in an upbeat package with an increasingly confident stage presence.

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