Unpainted Huffhines

Ohio, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Live Electronics / IDM / Trance
The search is on...you like? You push-a my beats!
Oi! Don't sneak up on me! So: back in 1996, in hazes of pipe-dreamery, I created Unpainted Huffhines as a 3-piece jazz-rock project, which soon morphed into an electro 5-piece. Then every half-musician dufus I ever met latched on. Much Mirth was had. Years of that pesky gauntlet of reality and reliability figuratively scraped off them thar scurvy barnacles. At last an autonomous electromusical entity emerged! So! Whom the fuck do I think I am? Some brilliantly witty steel-groined skaterockin' blond haired straight toothed and truly multifaceted Champion of Fucking Justice? Quite. Also a fine craftsman of sarcastic text! I shan't refer to myself as a "band" per-se, not wanting to create a seperate entity for myself on myspace: may this profile represent one Actual Real Human. With the aid of my Orcish Cloak of Invisibility I've managed to stay underground, recluse hermit stylee, because it's cool. Yet as it's insatiable hunger for flipping out human psyches grows, my figurative beatbeast may very well bust loose and leave the countryside forsaken with utter funkination. That means I'm due for playing out, by Jupiter! My recordings are scientifically engineered to kick back, polf nugs, and watch eyelid movies to. Alternately, you might scratch your chin and look at your shoes, or twiddle your hair. I solemnly swear to rattle the right fuck out of this very earth, drop masses into trances at will, and look pretty cool most the time. I shall kick Mighty ass, or none at all! Isn't that awesome? You bet your Sweet Everything!
Yours, loud as fuck,
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