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In a town flooded with Dave Matthews cover bands, corporate radio and the skeletal remains of a music history left in the shadow of the Allman Brothers Band, three hometown boys found themselves fed up with what they heard. Not to mention the times in which they were living the beginnings of a new millennium that was being racked with terrorism, war, mistrust and corporate scandal. So, like a planter brandishing a shovel tough enough to break dense red clay, the three fixed themselves to their instruments and dug deep into rehearsal. As their original sound sprouted, they began to jam around town, and soon, fertilized a following. It was time for a change a return to the roots and as the roots were received, Treas in Season became firmly planted.

Guitarist Tommy Fuller, bassist Casey Meadows and drummer Travis Reeves began Treas in Season as an instrumental trio based in Macon, Ga., on the jam band recipe of blues, rock, bluegrass and jazz. They collaborated for over a year, daring themselves enough experimentation to enter a battle of the bands contest dominated by metal entries. They lost the competition, but won admiration and began booking stable bar gigs in their hometown while rallying a loyal following. As their sound grew, their focus narrowed. The band was reluctant to wing their own vocals and risk losing momentum on their fortifying melodies. They set their sights on a frontman and in the spring of 2004, recruited Tim Crews. Crews was an established musician who studied opera and musical theater before college was sidetracked by hard living. He was turning over a new leaf in Macon and making extra change at the helm of a local Southern Rock cover band. But inside Crews was a yearning singer/songwriter an old rocked-and-rolled soul trapped in a young mans body and when he joined Treas in Season, a new branch was born.

Like many of the original roots rock bands that begin in the Southern bar circuit, Treas in Season dutifully falls into the jam band genre. And while their winding melodies, entrapped lyrics and elongated songs fit the jam band bill, the avidly rehearsed band remains within a tight structure and relies on a formula that leans heavily on composition, but still includes a sampling of improvisation. The result is a hypnotic sound that remains lucid and evoking.

As Treas in Season stretches their lyrical limbs, they are steadily becoming an active touring force. Their strong stable of originals is balanced with a repertoire of covers, harkening their influences like Pink Floyd, the Doors, Hendrix, the Allman Brothers, Santana, Jeff Buckley, The Mars Volta and more. Adding to their fusion are samplings of reggae, progressive rock and electronica imbedded throughout their natural transitions and universally crafted lyrics. Their audience is found dancing in free-falling rhythm from music that remains steadfast, yet produces a new surge of emotions every time Treas in Season takes the stage.

--Jessica Walden-Griner
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