The Zodiac

Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore
The Zodiac drops another CD that goes against the grain of today's pop music and focuses on the lost art of skillful rap music. The cd, ZODIOLOGIST, merges a 3-year rollercoaster of emotion, passion, drive, and serious lyrical verbiage into one project that will keep all tracks on repeat.
The Zodiac, born Brent Whiting has a knack for encompassing an old school style and combining it with a new school feel. The combination brings the arts of poetry and vocabulary into a rhythmic fashion that paints pictures creatively into a listener's ears. ZODIOLOGIST is an accumulation of such an artistic approach with a vast majority of production created by The Zodiac himself minus "Between Good and Evil" which was produced by soce the elemental wizard.
ZODIOLOGIST begins differently from The Zodiac's other works as it ignores any skits, intros and outros. It focuses on the music beginning with the hyper "Here We Go" and leading the audience on a rollercoaster of varying subjects such as cheating girlfriends and revenge on "I Wish I Never Heard of You" to political social commentaries on "This Is Bull$#!t" and "Leave 'Em In The Dust". Listen to extra lyrical content on "Increase & Release" that shows why The Zodiac is larger than space and time and rock out to "Rock Diesel" Brooklyn natives Ché Broadway and Barf Brookz as well as New Jersey native, Shauno Brigante.
ZODIOLOGIST is what's missing in hip-hop today. No focus on dance tracks; just mind-stimulating lyrics over hypnotizing beats that keep the rewind button on lock. It's what hip-hop audiences have been desiring all of these years.
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