The Two Koreas

Toronto, Ontario, Ca
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Garage / Rock
Unfamiliar Records
Welcome to Science Island, release No. 3.5 from Toronto’s Two Koreas, purveyors of a new rock ‘n’ roll sub-genre which shall henceforth be known as “glacial garage,” or GG for short. (As in, “this album is sooooo GG!” Or, “I’m thinking of moving to Williamsburg to start a post-GG band.” By all means, feel free to drop it into casual conversations and/or use it to break awkward silences.)
Glacial-garage is, as its very name attests, garage-rock encased in ice, perfectly preserved in its most primal state for future generations of children to study, marvel at and use as the basis for their high-school independent study projects, which will hopefully help gain them admission into an elite and very expensive post-secondary education facility. Science Island is where glacial-garage was first discovered and later subjected to extreme testing under the watchful eyes of The Two Koreas as they held clipboards upon which they wrote nothing, gave one another quizzical looks from behind protective goggles and sported plain but very practical coats.
The journey to Science Island was a long and arduous one, interrupted by at least one near-death experience but greatly enriched by field-research missions into the wild conducted alongside the likes of Wire, Japandroids, Love Is All, Githead, Danko Jones, Monotonix and Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg. Assisting the Two Koreas’ documentation efforts on Science Island was producer Jon Drew (who had previously overseen recording experiments for the likes of Fucked Up and Tokyo Police Club). Under his auspices, the electric jangular beat muzik and errant tones and drones heard on The Two Koreas’ previous public transmissions — 2005’s Main Plates and Classic Pies, 2007’s “Altruists” and 2008’s Sessions EP — have been solidified into a frozen tableaux of ray-gunned punk and strobe-lit psychedelia, captured in a state of permanent combustion, floating for all eternity.
Science Island: your vacation is our vocation. Now enough of our yakkin’ — let’s GG!
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