The Twats

Washington DC, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore / Metal
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The twats offically formed in October of 2004, though the idea came about
earlier that spring Our first show was December of 2004 and by December 2005 we played approx 87 shows including three tours (twice down
south/midwest and one northeast/midwest). We have a 10 day tour in January 2006 planned, a short jaunt w/ the independents in March and will be booking a 3 week tour in May. Between playing out of town at
least 2 weekends a month, we released a split 7 inch w/ our loves Common
Enemy, and have a Full Length entitled 'Hell in My
Pants'.Overdose on

A punk band pure and simple. Cuntess Twat is the vocalist and has been compared
to a mixture between early AFI and Naked Aggression. Her taste in music runs
the gamit between Against Me!, Sick of It All to AC/DC, Motely Crue and Clay

Our guitarist Sir Drunks-a lot, was born and bred on metal. We've had to
slowly teach him to play punk rock but he still has lapses despite our best
efforts. We've had to allow the occaissional blazing guitar solo in order
to pacify his more metal moments. Luckily he is also a fan of 80's new wave
which means he still has a soul and is far from a tough guy.

Lord Taint *Husband of Cuntess Twat* the drummer on the other hand used to
drum in a thrash/punk band in the likes of DRI/MDC/early ST. his old bands
first album had 30 songs in 30 minutes. he's a simple no frills just push
the song along kinda drummer. Loud, Fast and Pure.

Young Ducky is our 2nd guitarist and in between converting the rest of us
to vegetarianism he likes to read really long boring books on tour.

Rusty Trombone is our new bassist. We don't know where he came fromwell actually he came from North Dakota. But we are convinced he's lying. No one really comes from North Dakota

Where The Twats are heading nobody knows. We have had the honor of playing
venues such as the Warehouse next door, the Black Cat, Ottobar, Arlene's Grocery, Common Grounds,
Sidebar etc and w/ many excellent bands such as MDC, Against Me!, Juliette
and the Licks, TV Smith, the soviettes, and many many more.

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we don't fuck around.we just play.
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