Opening Theme - Chrono Trigger - Cello Quintet Cover (Sheet Music Linked) - Video
This's a cello quintet cover of the opening from the Greatest SNES game ever, Chrono Trigger. Sheet music and audio FLAC file available below. Youtube really hammered the audio quality this time around :( probably because I didn't load an HD video with the sound.

No video this time (didn't feel like dealing with the crappy Logitech camera software). I think the arrangement came out pretty well.

Thanks for listening!

The score + individual cello parts + MIDI file can be downloaded from here:

The Audio FLAC file of the music for this recording can be downloaded from here (sounds much better than the video):

I used the video uploaded here as the background:

Tool Chain:
- Dual Audio Technica AT2020 Microphones
- Presonus Audio Box USB
- Presonus Studio One audio mixing software
- Cyberlink PowerDirector 10.0 Video Editing Software
- Peter Prier "Euro Standard Antique" cello
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