The Sunshine Getaway

Exeter, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop Punk / Pop / Punk
Label: Intruder Records
Location: Exeter, Devon
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Layout: Keep It On Ice

If you look up 'bundle of uncontrollable energy' in your phrase book,
chances are they'll just have a photo of the rock band The Sunshine
Getaway to explain it. Kerrang Magazine picked up on the five piece as
'Local Heroes To Watch' earlier this year, coining the impossible
sounding quote "sounds like 30 Seconds To Mars having group sex with
Taylor Swift".

Singer Lianna Carnell fronts the band with a maturity beyond her years
and vocal chords to match the best of them. She says: "We are here to
make an impact. We're here for a good time and hopefully for a long
time, too!"

The Sunshine Getaway are from Exeter. They tour across the UK with an
urgency that makes you wonder what they had for breakfast. Or perhaps
the speed comes from guitarist Ryan's background as a junior
supercross champion. Also, not may people know that co-guitarist Joey
turned down a career in modeling to be in the band. Or that bassist
Matt played pro football. Or that drummer Moz left his family home in
Bristol - and everything else in his life - on the strength of a few
early demos to join the band.

If you're a fan of Jimmy Eat World, 30 Seconds To Mars or Fightstar,
chances are you will like The Sunshine Getaway.

The Sunshine Getaway are signed to Intruder Records and will release
their next single This Mystery on 23/08/2010
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