the show is the rainbow

Artist / Band / Musician
Idol / Breakcore / Funk
women, woman, woah man!, i know man./ i will not look at you like i am hungry / i won't drink of you even though i'm thirsty / i won't drool or sink a tooth because women are not food / i won't pity you when you're rejected / you are loved and lauded not respected / i won't laugh or care for you because i will not be used / i can't be the first who said i'd leave it / i can't believe you can't believe it / a younger me don't get me started / after everything i think i've did for it / i won't look at you like i am hungry / i won't drink of you even though i'm thirsty / i won't waste a bite on you because women are not food / i won't trick you into something funny / the thought of you broken up destroys me / i won't do what other men would love to do to you / i can't be the first who politely declined / so many bars with me waiting in line / they want to get confused and used blue / everything i do i do for the women / woman / woah man!, i know man. / i will not look at you like i am hungry / i won't drink of you though my thirst decieves me / your wet furry beach oasis feeds the dullest tools / i won't think of you like you mean nothing / you have thoughts you're alive your words mean something / I SALUTE MY MOTHERS FLAG BECAUSE WOMEN ARE SO COOL

all of the men walking downtown are lost / they run to their doors and windows to try and watch bums find a nut / i walk through the crowds moving downtown and get lost / the sea of men needing lighters all know i've got nuts bums want / bums got a nut! i've got the nut! / i pity the men living downtown in some box / they live for the scent paper candy a dog will hunt but bums got a nut.

My name is Darren Keen.
For the past 7 years, I have played over 100 shows a year as THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW. I am a funny, fun guy, who likes to tour and make computer music. I used to be fatter, and have shorter hair. I have bandmates now! Josh, Mark, and Saber. I'd tell you more but who gives a fuck? The band is better, and more interesting now. I thank them. I have a really excellent, hippie babe girlfriend who just asked me to smoke an 8:43 A.M. bowl, so I'm gonna go do that instead of writing a bio telling you how cool I am.

I am cool. You are special.
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