Alton, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Black Metal / Thrash / Metal
Chunks of Meat - Necrotic - Circle of Wolves
Warghoul was spawned from the ashes of the early 90's death metal oufit Corpse Soil. Several years after its demise in 1994, Nik started what was at the time a one man black metal band and released one demo entitled Heathen War Metal in October 2004. Fast foward 2 months later, fellow Corpse Soil member James Duff joins the fold bringing back long lost chemistry that was soon to be rediscoverd and at the same time rushing in the urgency of a full functioning live lineup. In only 2 weeks a rehearsal live demo was recorded entitled Waves of Wrath and released through the underground label Necrotic Records. Several months later, Tom Quach of Harkonin, joins to fill in on drums. With the release of Rat Kultura, Warghoul has already proven to be a crowd pleaser bringing in all the elements of true metal whether it be thrash, death, black or the traditional sounds of the past untainted by what has ever been considered the "in" thing and just going with whatever feels natural in an age of stagnation. Warghoul brings back the energy and spirit of a bygone era. If bands like Bathory and Venom were the first wave, Darkthrone and Marduk the second, then Warghoul is pulling the cycle around to the third wave drawing elements from both previous timelines and bridging the gaps to make it all one complete volume of metal history.(taken and updated from the corrupters of morrality 'zine)
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