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Ray Luv is a Bay Area rapper. Considered one of the founders and straight up legend of Bay Area rap, Ray Luv is a native of the West 9th district of Santa Rosa, California. Ray became well known during the explosion of Bay Area rap in the early 1990's. His 1993 single "Get Ma Money On!" off the Who Can Be Trusted? EP was very popular and earned lots of radio play in the San Francisco Bay Area on radio station 106.1 KMEL. One of the producers of that album was the Vallejo native Khayree who started the record label "Young Black Brotha" (Mac Dre, Mac Mall, etc).
Ray Luv has countless guest appearances, including songs on the Master-P produced collaboration "West Coast Bay Boyz" and the soundtrack to the movie "New Jersey Drive" that reached platinum status.
In 1995, Ray released another album "Forever Hustlin". Ray Luv was part of the rap scene that grew out of the Bay Area during the early 1990's joining such acts as Mac Mall, Dubee Aka Sugawolf, E-40, Mac Dre, Young Lay, JT Tha Bigga Figga, RBL Posse and Master P, to name a few.
In 2008, Ray is back in the studio working on his solo project as well as lead of a rock/hip-hop based group, Crimeseen. Ray is also co-host to a Bay Area television show, "PUSHIN' THE BAY TV" (Channel 26, 1st & 3rd Fridays, 12am). Check out www.rayluv.com and www.pushinthebay.com for all future updates including exclusive music, videos and event info.
Ray Luv FunFacts
- The name Ray Luv was given to him by 2Pac, prior to that he was known as Roc-T / MC ROC.
- First independent rap artist to receive full rotation on a power station (KMEL 106.1) in the San Francisco Bay Area.
- Ray Luv also formed a rap group in Marin City named Strictly Dope with Tupac Shakur in the late 1980's.
- Tupac Shakur's first rap partner and only ghost writer.
- Ray Luv is the grandson of Cab Calloway.
- Ray Luv collaborated with Tupac Shakur on the 1996 Young Lay song "Got 2 Survive."
- Ray Luv is currently the lead singer in the rap/rock group named Crimeseen with Ant D.O.G., Aaron Abel, Frank Piazza, Greg Clecack.
Records produced, written or performed

Tupac Shakur / 2Pacalypse Now (Platinum) - Penned the first single, "Trapped" and "Rebel of the Underground"
Master P / Westcoast Badboyz (Platinum) - co-wrote and performed, "Born Hustlas" with Ant D.O.G.
New Jersey Drive Soundtrack (Gold) - co-wrote and performed, "All About My Fetti"
Tupac Shakur / Resurrection (Gold) - co-wrote and performed, "Panther Power" with Tupac Shakur
En Vogue / Free Your Mind [Remix]
Jade / I Want To Love You [Remix]

Music Videos

"Get My Money On" - 1992
"Last Nite" (directed by 2Pac) - 1993
"Peace In The Streets" / Master P - 1993
"All About My Fetti" - 1994
"In The Game" - 1995
"Definition of a Hustla" - 1995
"Everybody Wants to be a Star" - 2001

Official Discography

Who Can Be Trusted / Strictly Business Records -1992
Forever Hustlin / Atlantic Records - 1995
The Coup'd Etat / Big Eddie Records - 1999
A Prince in Exile / Big Eddie Records, Sessed Out Records - 2002

Documentaries & More

VH1 Special - THUG Angel, 2002 (TV/DVD)
A&E / .BIO, The Biography Channel - 2Pac Special, 2008
PUSHIN' THE BAY, Channel 26 / 28 - co-host with Emcee T, 2008

Tupac Remembered, by Gloria Cox, Staci Robinson, and Molly Monjauze (book featuring Jada Pinkett-Smith, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nikki Giovanni, Kevin Powell, Common, E-40, Sonia Sanchez, Baron Davis & More) [Book]

The Rose That Grew From Concrete, by Tupac Shakur [Book]
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