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Sydney, AU
Artist / Band / Musician
Industrial / Psychedelic / Techno
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"For only two people, they throw one hell of a hot party" - Metro Pop

"Anthems for husky straight dudes who aren't ashamed to dance" - SPIN

"The Presets jump back on the dancefloor and aim for the cosmos with their latest. "Yippyo-yay' and "My People" will light up the night" - XLR8R

"Presets dont just make electronic dance music. They throw a lot of heavy musical content into the stew, seemingly at times to convey that they're capable of being "serious" musicians- not that that kills the joy." - LA WEEKLY

"I've seen plenty of concerts in my 36 years on earth - and my 21 years as a music writer - so please forgive my sincere hyperbole here: Last night I may very well have experienced the hottest show of my life." - Just Out

"The Presets revel in the darker, more cosmic realm of dance music while still having fun and involuntarily getting people in the mood to move." - Rolling Stone

"Apocalypse WOW! - a sold-out sea of fist-pumping, the music off of the Presets' most recent album Apocalypso inspiring dance moves from the most complacent of hipsters." - Blackbook

"An electrifying set. The crowd's frivolous dancing and singalong was no shock in this case: absurdly catchy tracks extracted from the duo's latest album Apocalypso intensified as well as delighted." - Big Shot

"Apocalypso could thrust The Presets to mainstream success" - The Edge "Having created major inroads in their homeland, The Presets are poised to gain similar recognition Stateside and beyond." AOL Music

"The best sound set-up we've ever experienced!" - DC-ist.

"This is the dance record of the Summer" 4/5 THE SUN

"In looking back, The Presets have taken a giant leap forward" 4/5 THE GUARDIAN

"Here's a heaving slice of future out of the heartland" NME

"Equally uplifting, menacing and memorable" LOUD & QUIET

"This is digital punk-pop destined to jab the mainstream in the jugular" 4/5 IDJ

"Lust, doubt and intrigue are this album's calling cards" 4/5 ATTITUDE

"Intoxicating blend of kitsch new-wave pop and darkly-tinged romanticism" 4/5 DJ

"The Presets are beaut" 4/5 MIXMAG

Kimberley Isaac Moyes was but a young man, small of stature but big of heart, down on his luck, doing the odd performance in a downtown gay bar and eating anchovies from tin cans discarded in the alley behind a local Italian restaurant, putting all his dollar bills in a pillow, with the dream to one day have enough money to buy a Moog synthesiser.
Julian Hamilton was the new bus boy in said food joint, robust and ambitious, taking out the trash and sweating like a malaria ravaged wrestler when he one day chanced upon poor Kim out the back, sucking on those oily little fish like hed never tasted such a delicacy.
These encounters out the back of Luigis Linguini And Pasta Allsorts became regular, and led to the occasional lunch date, when Julian would not only smuggle Kim a fresh can of anchovies, but would even share his own chef-cooked meal. The boys found friendship over faggotini, had leisurely lunches scheming up ways for Kim to stay one step ahead of the Child Protection Services who longed to send the delinquent off to an orphanage in Mongolia, they dreamed of the myriad ways Julian could swindle his evil boss Luigi, and held heated debates about their shared passion, music.
It was in these early days that Kim and Julian realized their meeting had been fateful, and that one day they would make good on their shared desire to make moody, crisp electronic future pop.
If youve ever wondered what they might play when youre standing there staring at the fork in the road between heaven and hell, this could be it.
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