ILK @ 5e - Copenhagen Jazz Feestival 2014 - Video
ILK Music invites you to an extravaganza of uncompromising music at our venue 5e during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014.

Ten days
Forty-seven concerts
Countless unique experiences.

ILK is a creative collective and record label consisting of 22 artists, who invite the audience to join in for unique experiences of simple, intimate and original quality music. This years concert series consists of more 47 concerts featuring the ILKs in various constellations as well as guest appearances from Paal-Nilssen Love, Paul Lovens, Rudy Mtz-ahal, Sofia Jernberg, Herb Robertson, Johannes Bauer, Eliot Cardinaux, Ed Schuller, John Edwards, Andreas Haug, Tyshawn Sorey, Martin Klapper, Raymond Strid, Mats Eilertsen and Martin Philadelphy among others.

Go get some ILK!


Friday, July 4th:
16:30 Angel
18:00 Snekkestad/Poulsen/Davidsen
20:00 Gunnar Halle w. band
21:30 Ericson/Klapper/Edwards/Strid
23:00 Anker/Bauer/Edwards/Lovens
00:30 Phonebook Toxvaerd/Anderskov

Saturday, July 5th:
16:30 Rosor Och Tulpan
18:00 Jacob Anderskov's "Just In Time"
20:00 Toxværd/Snekkestad Duo
21:30 Mark Solborg Trio & Herb Robertson
23:00 Ericson 4
00:30 Sekten

Sunday, July 6th:
16:30 Ferm/Quinteros/Cardinaux/Schuller/Osgood
18:00 Homies
20:00 Setién Solo
21:30 Snekkestad/Nilssen-Love Duo
23:00 Søren Kjærgaard Quartet
00:30 Kostcirkeln

Monday, July 7th:
21:30 Andersson/Anderskov/Nilsson "Triofolded"
23:00 Phoenix City

Tuesday, July 8th:
20:00 Stefan Pasborg Solo
21:30 St-And-By
23:00 Book Of Sounds

Wednesday, July 9th:
20:00 Jacob Anderskov's Habitable Exomusics
21:30 Lofi Feat. Sofia Jernberg
23:00 Mockunas/Haug/Bruun

Thursday, July 10th:
20:00 Klökkeblömst
21:30 Osgood/Cardinaux/Morgan
23:00 Kjærgaard/Egetoft/Vestergaard
00:30 The Unusual History of Ether

Friday, July 11th:
16:30 Eggs Laid By Tigers
18:00 Busk
20:00 Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard "Grammar"
21:30 Firebirds (Banke/Filipsen/Pasborg)
23:00 Kresten Osgood & Hvad Er Klokken
00:30 Simon Toldam Orkester Stork

Saturday, July 12th:
16:30 Osgood/Toxværd/Toldam
18:00 Jakob Thorkild Trio
20:00 Løvdal/Danielsen/Mahall/Heenan
21:30 Anker/Bauer/Pultz-Melbye/Lovens
23:00 Simon Toldam Trio
00:30 Solborg/Banke/Heebøll

Sunday, July 13th:
16:30 Osgood/Philadelphy
18:00 Halle/Solborg/Skjødt
20:00 Nanchen 3,14 feat. Qarin Wikström
21:30 Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg
23:00 Zeuthen/Anderskov/Skovbakke/Kielsgaard

For extended program with band descriptions go to:


Afternoon ticket 80 kr.
Evening ticket 100 kr.
All day ticket: 150 kr.

The tickets are valid for one day only. The afternoon ticket is valid for all concerts before 20:00. The evening ticket is valid for all concerts after 20:00.
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