the illfigures

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Rock / Punk / Alternative
In a town plagued by prostitution, gambling, 24-hour drive-thru liquor stores and the highest crime rate per capita in the United States, it comes as no surprise, Las Vegas undisputedly holds the title as "Sin City". Founded by mobsters and overrun by casino tyrants, Vegas is not only home to criminals and showgirls, but to a band just as aggressive and twice as unique as its pastthe ILL Figures.

The ILL Figures are a swinging fist of bare-knuckle hooks and heart pouring melodies, translating their triumphs and tragedies in life through song. Songs not only of sorrow and loss, but of uprising and positivity just as well. Bred by the subversive streets of Vegas, these five sin city natives began meshing styles and writing music in an old storage unit on the outskirts of town. It wouldnt be long before they won the hearts of local colleagues and friends to form one of, if not the most, loyal fan base in the valleys scene to date.

Known for their live shows, the ILL Figures are truly genuine; keeping the raw spirit of punk alive on stage, while mixing sounds of hard rock, with dub styles and Latin rhythms. A diverse and deadly blend of sonic assault, the ILL Figures music and repertoire are an explosive Molotov cocktail of self-expression that has ignited the Vegas Valley for over four years and whos flames are now undeniably spreading rapidly throughout the west coast!

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