The Drowning

Cardiff, Wales, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal / Down-tempo / Black Metal
Casket Records
New Album "This Bleak Descent" OUT NOW!

Since their formation in 2003, The Drowning have strived in the pursuit, to further push the boundaries of the genre, be it backwards or forwards.

With their debut album, released through Casket Records “When the Light was Taken from Us” has been greeted by critics alike. The Drowning believe they have found their niche in the market and provide members of an already established and growing fan base, with their own style of melancholic dark metal.

2007 saw The Drowning tour in promotion of their debut, with such bands as My Silent Wake,
The Prophecy and Centurions Ghost, to name just a few. This led to a spate of headlining gigs, in their local South Wales area and further fanned the flames, to raise the bands profile.

A break from live dates, has given The Drowning, time to put together their second album. “This Bleak Descent” takes up where the first album left off, and promises the listener a far more aggressive look into the Dark Doom/Death scene. Now released on Casket and widely available through all good record stores, The Drowning continue to build on their foundations, further pressing home their determination for excellence.
Keep it DarkKeep it Heavy.

Reviews:"When The Light Was Taken From Us"

Rock Sound: A Gem of a Doom/Death Album 7/10

The Metal Observer: You should check out this Genres Pearl 7.5/10

Blastwave: Highly Recommended for fans of the genre 84/100

Rock Totals: The best thing i have listened to lately 8/10

Concrete Web Reviews: Belongs in that 'Best of 2006' list of mine 100/100

Zero Tolerance: Takes me back to the early 90's 3.5/6

Glasswerks: Produced a original take on the genre 8/10

Room Thirteen: The arents many bands today envoking the spirit of the greats quite as successfully 9/13

Copro: Laden Atmospheric Slab of Metal.

Reviews:"This Bleak Descent"

A superb collection of black-hearted songs KKKK

Zero Tolerance: A majestic collision of Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride.Truly superb 4/6

Overflow Radio: C.D. of the week, an excellent album

Concrete Web: Again I am chucking this into my "Best Albums Of 2008 list 98/100

Metal4life: This is one of the finest Doom releases I have heard in a long, long time 4/5

Scream (Nor):Melancholic Masterpiece 5/5

Legacy (Ger):12/15

Teeth Of The Divine: An overall sad, despair ridden vibe is crushing Doom/Death in the best proformancehighly recommended!! Simply put, this is a great Doom/Death album, highly accessible yet un-conforming to the genre's mediocity 3.9/5

Rock 3 Mag: This Bleak Descent, is a gem, that will be doing the rounds for years and years 100/100

The Metal Observer :
"The complete package" 7.5/10

Dark Side e-Zine : 8/10

Metal Italia : "Glorious doom/death" 7/10


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