The Blurters

Sydney, AU
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Garage / Hardcore
They said it couldn't be done
Well it couldn't really so we came up with this.
Well to be honest we came up with something nearly 10 years ago and been runnin of it ever since really. Seemed like a great idea at the time.
Then became a good idea
Then a motherfucking cunt of an idea .
Not so bad an idea now.

For any of you fucking lowlife's reading this that may have seen us making the large stage at the Iron Duke look like a cramped piss trough or at the Green Square negating the need for a PA or maybe in the Club 111 Swinger's Club Fluffer Lounge and not only happen to be reading this but have made an effort to get out of yer Jason (tm) recliners and continue going to local punk shows then cheers big ears seeya's at the bar.

This round's on you!

*review of said release from "Unbelievably Bad" zine

The Blurters
Dealing Drugs (Straight Up)
For the uninitiated, imagine Sir Jeff Clayton turfing the washboard in favour of a Hill’s Hoist. Picture V8 Falcon utes doing doughnuts in a Dixie cornfield. Or simply view the photos in this fuckin’ greatest hits disc from these long-running Sydney cunts - raised pints, flipped birds, mull plants and flannel shirts. The blazing ‘’20 Pages’’, the hilarious ‘’Hate Fuck’’ and the standout ‘’Dealing Drugs’’ capture the energy that is perhaps lacking in their slower, more plodding numbers. Running the lyrical scrum of everything from the ills of domestic violence to the joys of chemical revelry to the agony of alcohol induced heart burn; this is a blurred fun-ride down Enmore Road with a carton of VB, a few stick books, a Rose- Tattoo/Cocknoose mix-tape and the great Cosmic Commander riding shotgun. Whilst not a ride I would take regularly, I can’t help but enjoy it when I do. [Rhys Davies]

I'll have to check with the other legends in the band for comfirmation but I think this is the 2nd only all ages show we've ever done.Anyway Utopia records has decided to let us run rampant in the home of heavy metal m/ for half hour while they turn down the fucking Dio and Warrant over the stereo.See what happens hey? King's Court is close enough anyway.
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