Mr. Supa Dupa Fly MacMid

TACOMA, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
2-step / Funk / Rap
Dumb Slap/Eastside Ent/OnMyOwn Music
I startd doin music in my room on my dresser makin beats bangn on the drawer and recordn what I calld then a banger on a oldschool tape recorder. I was blessd by a family friend with a beat machine I never knew how 2 work but I could find a drum n a clap so I was all 2 the good with it n did my thang with it. I startd makn beats on keyboards with my long time homeboy Lil Midnite aka LMNOP of A.O.B Mafia, we have always been into beats remaking all of the oldschool No Limit beats n believing we would 1day have our own cd. I started doin show in 9th grade with my family friend slash cousin TB aka Teddy Bear when we put a church rap group n production team calld The Sanctified Hustlaz along with God-Side Gangstas we did our thing in many churches in Wa, Phi, n Cali. I had this old beat up 72 key Casio keyboard I got from my dude Mo-Bucks in High School that was new until my babies mom threw it out the front door n broke off about 10 keys off it but that did slow me down a bit I did my thang on that board we ended up naming Good Old Betsi. I moved my way up 2 the big boy keyboards when I startd doing music with my dude B. Trouble n formed the Tacoma 1 and only Council N Tha Board which was me, Troub, Don Gee, Snap, Tycoon, n Lmnop doing our thang on Rottwieler Records with my dude Dogg n his wife n family who took us in his 2 bedroom apt n let u record sum of our town know songs. Many people have came my way n I have done music with alot of people n made even more beats for even more people becuz u know thats what I do they call me the 5min Man cuz within 5min Ill have u a hit n ready for bars. Naggas have came n gone n even tho alot of shit has went down with this music shit from shootns 2 homeboys turning on eachother n member leaving, funk with other groups n fights within our own group I wouldnt change shit about what Ive been through becuz its only mad me stronger n shows me who I can n cant trust or fucc wit. Im now n will always be a Factor along with my big bro Top Dogg aka Dosia Mak, B. Trouble, n Maccn Ass 2Tyme aka Lil Midknight, Lace who was our secret weapon as a female singer solo act who can also spit a hot 16 better then half the naggas we fuccd with. Factor Crew 4 life. ps STOP SNITCHN

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