Talk Money Entertainment

Gwinnett County, Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rap / Hip Hop / R&B
Talk Money Entertainment
They dont wanna let us in da door so we buildin a Man$ion, so we do it all our way.If you need beats HOLLA AT GIB .U NEED STUDIO TIME we got it for cheap HOLLA AT GIB or jus hit us up on the pageYou like what you hear and want to know how you can get ya hands on a cd leave a message, leave a comment, show your love we got wanna do some work(collabosanything let us know).for BOOKING INFORMATION send a message more contact information coming soonTheres a few Talk Money Cd's circulating as you read this.Enjoy the music and show some love Hatas get on ya job !!!

Talk Money Ent: We Here COMING SOON!!!
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