Sylwia Bialas

Bayern, De
Artist / Band / Musician
Nu-Jazz / Lyrical / Jazz
I am a musician with all my being. Music is one of the the most precious ways of my personal expression.
I was born in Poland, the eastern land of neverending temptations, where the culture and tradition lead the endless battle with broken dreams, and a sort of nostalgy luminates through the eyes of the people.The land of contrasts, ups and downs, strong, dynamic national art and overtooken western clichees.
My first aware meeting with live-music was at the age of seven. That was also the first time for me to stand on stage with a real live-band.
A nice memory, but also an unaware beginning of my musical journey.
During the years I had a lot of contact with the different forms of art: painting, photography, dance, cooking (smile), and many others.
I've experienced the unlimited freedom of choice and with the time I started to learn getting strenght and ability to take, follow and support all my choises. Music became the main way for me to follow.
I was very lucky to meet some amazing and precious personalities, helping me to go my way aware and passionate, growing and improving my skills and sensibility. I've also learned respecting the people I work with.
I am always hungry to listen, analyse and learn the new musical directions. Any form, any kind of style any origin. Always fascinated by the rhythm and the sound. To precize my music style-identity, I would have to say that „Jazz“ would be open enough to increase a major part of my musical taste.
My main aim during studying music, was the ability to compose and transcribe my sound-imagination on the paper. I started to analize the way musicians play their instruments. To think as a drummer, bassplayer, Hornplayer or another instrumentalist. To hear always the complete band playing a tune.
My voice was the nearest and very direct instrument for me to use. That's why I like so much singing without the lyrics. I was always fascinated by the sound-range- and rhythmical-possibilities of different instruments and tried to learn to project their flexibility on my voice, that means to sing as an instrumentalist would do.
First I started to experiment just with my pure voice, than with some electronic equipment. I'm always searching for new interesting possibilities.
I identify my musical style with ECM, Jazz, and worldmusic. Till now I had a pleasure to cooperate with many wonderful musicians and personalities, like Andrea Centazzo, Hans-Peter Salentin, Stephan Schmolck, Michael Wollny, Ernesto Cortazar Lara, Jeffrey Chin, Bill Elgard, Rudi Engel, Anette Focks (Soundrtack Composer), Michael Flügel, Hannes Nied, Adrian Mears, Peter Phippen
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