Sweetest Downfall

Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Pop Punk / Rock
Sweetest Downfall began in July 2007 with Angel (Vocals) and Ernie (Drums). Band members were solidified once CJ (Guitar) and Brendan (Bass) joined and began leaving their mark on El Paso. In early 2010 Alex of Inline With You joined the band. All of the members, having similar musical influences & same musical goals, got the right motivation in the music writing process and became who they are this day.~~~~~
~We started this band because we like to have fun and play music. This is our life, this our dream and now we're going to share it with you. Enjoy!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>For booking info Ernie -(915) 328-0791<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Art by "Spikey" from Inline With You titled "Drunken Nights w/ Sweetest Downfall"

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