Street Flavor Records

Nashville, Tennessee, US
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
Rap / R&B / Country
What is BLACK FLY MUSIC? Imagine having an Entertainment Company working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for you. That's BLACK FLY MUSIC. Wouldn't it be great to have just one place to go for Videos, Marketing, Shows, Contracts, Street Promotion, Record Deals, Distribution, Radio Play, Ring Tones, Studio time, Web Sites, Photo Shoots, and Graphics Design? Like a good sports agent, BLACK FLY MUSIC looks after your best interests and helps you make smart business decisions. Today's artists face challenges never seen before in the Music Industry. At Black Fly, we make your money work to its full potential. Black Fly takes a close look at where you are in your career and builds a business plan that get you where you want to be. Never before has it been made so easy. Call now and introduce yourself to the Black Fly Experience. At Black Fly Music everyone is a star and the possibilities are endless. "Everybody is a nobody 'til they're somebody" Sonny P CEO (615) 974 1996

Black Fly Music - Get Out There

Black Fly 615-727-6590 call for info!! | MySpace Music Videos
Charlie P

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