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Emo / Hardcore / Screamo
SLEEPLESSHOME borns on middle of 2003 in Oiartzun- Guipuzcoa(Spain)
it was composed by: I.Zufiria (vocals), J. Iglesias /drums), J.Lopez (guitar), X.Pacheco (guitar), X.Barberena (bass). Early in the next months of the band start; sleeplesshome started to play some shows. With a great start!!!!

As they see that thing were going up and getting better; on middle of 2004, ( band bass change, enter X. Berrondo) they decided to record his first Demo; with the record and production of Mikel Ezeiza and Sleeplesshome. As the get the Demo out called "sh music"; Sleeplesshome continue with the work of making new songs; promoting them out; concerts.

(change of lead vocal; enter E.Peritx) until today; where the band continues with the day-day work.
New record Soon!!!!!!!


SLEEPLESSHOME nacio a mediados del 2003 en Oiatzun-kloaks crew (Guipuzcoa). Se formaba por: I.Zufiria (voz), J.Iglesias (bateria), J.Lopez(guitarra), X.Pacheco(guitarra), X.Barberena(bajo) A los pocos meses del comienzo d la banda; sleeplesshome tuvo sus primeras apariciones en directo. Con buen comienzo!!!

Tras ver que la cosa tiraban para delante y k las cosas salian, a mediados del 2004, ( cambio de bajista, entra X. Berrondo) deciden grabar su primera demo con la grabacion y produccion de Mikel Ezeiza y Sleeplesshome. Tras la demo llamda "sh music" Sleeplesshome continuo con el trabajo de nuevos temas y dando mas conciertos

(cambio de cantante; entra E.Peritx) y hasta dia de hoy el cual la banda sigue trabajando en ello
Proximamente nueva grabacin!!!!!

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Phone: (+34) 69990392 (Alex)

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Phone: (+34) 69990392 (Alex)
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