Skitzo Calypso

Baltimore, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Metal / Punk
Bi-Polar Records
We write music for the dreamers! We write music for the people who want to go beyond the paradigms and believe; for the one's who understand the meaning of hope and trust in passion - the true crash course of a misdirected and evolving heart.
We are proof you can make an impact by simply existing - genreless, boundless and expressive. You don't need a fancy label and you don't have to write in formulas - there is no-such-thing as the perfect song!
We are just another group of misfit voices telling you to live your dreams, trust your instincts and write your song. Be a musical existentialist! Get the fuck out of the social-bubble inside your mind. If it makes them hate you, but you are able to transcend their attempt to ostracize you, you'll awaken. It's in-a-sense, the purity of the original punk mentality.
This group was founded on pure, misdirected and unadulterated raw energy - or best coined by Iggy, 'Raw Power.'
It was about conveying energy and exploring all facets of human emotion, desire and interest. It's impossible to think that a person or a band is a one dimensional entity – although, we try pretty damn hard to prove [to each other] otherwise - don't we?
We enjoy pushing our own boundaries by exploring punk, funk, rock, metal, pop, jazz, indie, industrial - and we'll keep it simple by not getting into subs.
That's not to say, nothing good can come of commercial radio - that's an extremists point-of-view [and ignorant]. There are tons of great artists emerging, daily - but, hasn't it all become a little bit stale? How many cookie-cutter acts do we really need? Don't you hate knowing how many great artists the world will never hear? Music has become polluted - plain and simple. It's up to you to clean it up!
Music needs inspire and give people the confidence to emerge - like a phoenix!
Doesn't it (today) all remind you of a point [in the 90's] when Seattle's-best swooped in and gave us all a 'kick in the head?' The most successful of these efforts facilitated by Geffen Records, for the betterment of an overly-bloated 80's rock scene.
Trust your gut, stick to your guns and 'RISE UP!'
"This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are." - Plato
The story so far:
Rising from the ashes of creativity, drive, experience, success and resistance, Skitzo Calypso continues to evolve as the mid-Atlantic independent rock n' roll band that refuses to give up or compromise its vision, for the sake of quick album sales, instant success, popularity or social acceptance.
In the commercially-sustained candy-coated rock n' roll landscape of the 21st Century, dominated by college pop/rock and cookie-cutter Picassos, it is important for talented musicians to take the risk and stand up for a higher standard of artistry, in an effort to quash the bumble-gum music plaguing the pop airwaves [over the past decade].
Despite their unique approach and exclusive sound, Skitzo Calypso has been received and accepted genre-wide, which is a true representation and victory of their intention.
Skitzo Calypso is here to stay!
The band has shared touring slots with: Sick Puppies, Halestorm, The Dreaming, My Darkest Days, The Brides of Destruction (featuring: Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue & Tracii Guns of Guns n' Roses), Framing Hanley, Amen, The Living Things, Slaughter, Bile, Nocturne, Gotham Road (featuring: Michael Graves of The Misfits), Seven Mary Three, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Powerman 5000, Tribal Tongue, The Sex Slaves, Local H, 12 Stones, Halestorm, Smile Empty Soul, Funny Money, Brett Scallion's Refueled, Tony Hawk's Thrash n' Jam at M&T Bank Stadium and more!
The band started as Brad Cox's solo project in 1996. After recording the 5th studio album, and releasing a 13 song collection of these efforts, including two previously unreleased tracks, the band was assembled.
The band's new album, Burning Down an Empire is now available!
The entire album Burning Down an Empire is available for purchase. You can download the whole thing or song by song from CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.
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