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Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal

SkinKrawLómusic for the manipulated, an art form forged from the darkest, most intense hatred this world has ever created. This group simply does not write about the personal and social ills of this world, it demonstrates them visually through a chaotic live show with an intensity unparalleled by other bands. This is a band defined by its own honesty and the inherent dishonesty of their surrounding world and environment. This is a band willing to bleed for what it represents. This band is SkinKrawL.


SkinKrawL has toured throughout the South and East Coast by relentlessly booking, exchanging, and promoting shows through DIY efforts. The bandís willingness to play anywhere, any time is evidenced by the many venues theyíve jammed in: truck stops, skate parks, record stores, and even a soccer arena. Members routinely hit, kick, and maul one another with their bodies, instruments, and other objects, often playing in the crowd amongst the chaos of fansí flailing bodies. This knack for an ìanything goesî attitude has landed them spots on, profiles in newspapers such as The Independent Florida Sun, features on MP3 sites such as Interconnected Multimedia, and interviews with webzines such as


Wes Turnageguitar
Rick Devenneyguitar
Gary Smileybass
Justin Perezdrums
Jay Branchvocals


Machine Head, Soilent Green, Poison the Well, Zao, The Black Dahlia Murder, Devildriver, Martyr A.D., Napalm Death, Cephalic Carnage, Bloodjinn, Watch Them Die, Goatwhore, Straight Line Stitch, Ion Dissonance, Jacknife, Cattle Decapitation, 16, Embrace Today, Weedeater, Suffocation, It Dies Today, A Dozen Furies, Crisis, Bongzilla, Premonitions of War, Pg. 99, Vampire Mooose, Behemoth


TDH Music


A fresh new sound is the lifeblood of any kind of music. It takes a lot of guts because ñ if youíre different ñ itís harder than ever to sell your sound to the one-dimensional record companies out there. SkinKrawLís latest demo has real balls. The bandís sound is fresh and different and they donít sell out for a moment to impress anyone. This 3-track release sounds like the band put their heart and soul into it and, just as importantly, it rocks.

With its sickening vocals (in both content and delivery) describing a girl's post-rape inability to cope with the world ringing in my ears and the bio telling me that these guys beat the living shit out of each other live with their guitars and quote "other objects" filling my imagination, I do believe that they could become a bona-fide underground hit and I do believe that I'd like to see them play this music while they knock each other silly.


I remember my first SkinKrawL show was at Cypress Hall. I was so excited and nervous about going, because I was told there was a "legend" to SkinKrawL shows. The legend is that "Someone usually always leaves in an ambulance.î
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