Beaumont, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Electro / Hardcore
"Leaving the hardcore breakdowns at home, Sivan dares you to get out of the pit and put your dance pants on" -Kelly Benson. This quartet of dance rockers has never been more precisely described than by Kelly Benson (HM Magazine) after seeing and hearing the band live on the grounds of the Cornerstone Festival 2006. To describe Sivan's sound is almost as difficult as placing it in a single genre. To argue whether the band is an Electronic Rock band or a Post Hardcore Noise Punk band would be an almost endless debate. The solution is simple: listen to the music, make your own decision. All who experience the live show not only get the visual of a hard hitting rock group, but also get to feel that uncontrollable urge to move to the rhythm of the beat. "You get what you want out of Sivan's show." (DFW concert goer) If you came to dance, you will dance, if you came to rock, you will be rocked. The dynamics of the band's performance simply leaves nothing to be desired.

It seems that everywhere the band plays, no matter how far away from home, they are not only liked for their sound and performance, but also respected for their talent as musicians and for their attitude on and off the stage. "As individuals and as a group, the band is constantly growing in respect to influences and new styles of writing. We get to see the live show mature and progress from idea to implementation, it's what keeps this job fun." (Greg, guitars)

After three years and over 250 shows, the band used their experience on the road and their maturing writing style to compose and produce their first independent release in June 2006. "A Sword Is Upon The Liars" most accurately represents Sivan's style and potential as a progressing, relevant young band.

**New Video for "Fashion Victim"**
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