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"The Goin Way Back Show With Money B" is my hour-long broadcast of classic, Old-School Hip-Hop. Every song in my rotation was released prior to 1999. On the show you can expect to hear classic material from pioneering groups like the Fearless Four, Eric B. & Rakim, and the Geto Boys, along with the hottest solo emcees of the era like Nas, Too Short and M.C. Lyte. Throughout the show I give you my unedited commentary on music that I love and have experienced first-hand growing up in hip-hop. One of the unique aspects of "The Goin Way Back Show" are my feature interviews with the classic artists. We talk about how they got their start in music, who they admired coming up and what they're doing today. What makes "The Goin Way Back Show" feature interviews special is the strong relationships I've developed in the industry with artists coming up from that same exciting era in hip-hop. I've been in the game for over 20 years and I've met and know many of your favorite emcees better than most people! Touring with some your favorite artists during that era provides the show with stories that only "The Goin Way Back Show With Money B" can deliver! The casual, candid conversation between friends brings you into our room and makes you feel like you're involved with us in the discussions. Occasionally on "The Goin Way Back Show With Money B" we'll have invited deejays -DJ KMP (The Wake Up Show) or DJ Nu-Stylez (Digital Underground) come thru and blaze the turntables with old school mixes. We also feature different segments such as "Classic Battle" where historic emcee battles on wax are resurrected for you to hear, or “Double Play” where we'll play two songs that share a common theme (same artist, region of origin, subject…etc.). “The Goin Way Back Show With Money B” airs every Sunday 3-4pm PST. On All song requests and comments for the show can be sent to Past shows are archived on my podcast page 1 to 2 weeks after they air live. Subscribe to the podcast and be alerted every time an episode is posted. Look…I know we can’t bring those days back but, if you like Old School Hip-Hop, you’ll love “The Goin Way Back Show With Money B”.
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