Lake Charles, Louisiana, US
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Metal / Progressive / Hardcore
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After nearly 5 years of solid gigging and songwriting, we have gotten the attention of countless people throughout the region and gained the respect of all our peers. We have played exactly 100 shows spanning from Florida to Texas, and have grown immensely both as people and musicians. Experience is crucial and you can never have enough of it.
Our songs can be characterized as a blend of many influences combined to create a widely appealing and listenable form of heavy metal. All while challenging ourselves and others through technicality, endurance and the proper use of dynamics. These are the qualities we hope to expand on and perfect upon. With every song written we have matured. Everything we've done up to this point will contribute to the realization of the type of band we want to become.
We are currently regrouping and catching our breath.and we're also putting together our long awaited 3rd CD, one piece at a time. We'll be back playing shows as soon as we're fully ready to go, and when that time comes, we think you'll understand why we've been so out of the loop these days. Don't forget about us.we're on our way back, however long it takes.

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~SekruM: Live at Rikenjak's~
9-song live album

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