Scott Little Band

Atlanta, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Country / Rock
Flying Kennedy Records
Specific sounds and images come to mind when people think of the south. The state of Georgia in particular. It’s quite easy to conjure thoughts of peaches, red dirt roads, sweet tea, and even Georgia rain. All made easier to imagine due to the undeniable impact Georgia natives have had on music.
Setting their own course to magnify that musical landscape is The Scott Little Band. It only takes one listen to the new record “Barbed Wire and Engine Blocks” to not only hear, but feel like you’re part of the journey. The Scott Little band takes you on a ride through small town American life, leaving you feeling like you were wrapped in a musical blanket. Crafting songs into stories that take you through all life’s traps and freedoms.
This storytelling four piece band has more than succeeded in their goal of making real music. Pulling from influences such as Haggard and Parsons, they make music the old-fashioned way, they live itthen they play it

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