REAMS - Scavenge - Video
Produced by IllCap Beats Southern California.


Im no human
more like a parrot in a cage
trapped inside a maze,slowly vanishing away
it doesn't matter what you do nor matter what you say
coz you've always gotta pay for the actions you display
battling with hates truly damaging my brain
ill put a hammer in your face coz loose cannon is my name
Im a dragon in a cave,ill mannered and insane
only a fraction in the game can hit up rapping in this way
Smack him in the face for getting himself at it
this addict is in pain nearly dead coz his healths tragic
you gotta be strong,a lot stronger then that
his morals are wrong,he's got a hot problem with crack
true mates are there to help and offer you support
but its to late when you've fell lost dropping to the floor
cops knocking on your door coz your fucking with the law again
judges in the court have had enough behind the walls your sent
you'd love to try and call a friend but no one wants to no yah
drug withdrawals in full effect so broke you've toppled over
if you were sober you wouldn't make stupid decisions
now its all over gotta spend your youth in a prison
brother you should of listened,what a useless position
had a car had a job had a beautiful misses
now you've thrown it all away why the fuck would you do that family pictures on the cell wall stuck to some blue-tack
drugs and the goon-bags put you in this cage,your chance was the boombap i thought you would escape
but you couldn't mate you've changed to much to turn it back now
your nothing but a dull colour in the background
you've sat down remembering the past when you and all your many friends had never ending laughs
now you've got nothing,disowned by your family
they cant take it no more there so over the agony
Tom a young lad had a heart of gold
lost his mum and dad in a car that rolled
all he has is a half smashed china doll,to remind him of his mother and his fathers soul
now he's a looped out schizophrenic
its like he's tripping on acid as he flinch and panic
look its mr addict,with a script of Xanax
drooling from the mouth drinking whisky maggot
this thin kid has had it,he cant kick this habit
things get a little drastic with no crystal magic
thats when he steals all the cash of his sister alice
docent even think about it he just clears the balance(Ching)
hidden in the attic as the needle scavenge
the very same place last weeks seizure happened
wishing he could leave this planet,wishing he could vanish
misunderstood no one speaks his language
no veins on his arms no veins on his legs now he has to shoot up through the vein on his neck
problem is with that,theres a higher risk attached
you can die within an instant theres no bringing him back
he heats up the spoon where the crystal lay
puts the needle to his neck as it pierce his vein
pulls back the plunge till he draws some blood
pushes down with his thumb an enormous rush sends his head into a floating motion
if you saw this kids face you would no that he's defiantly overdosing
skin pale no pulse,frail and cold
chokes on his vomit eyes flip into the back of his skull.
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