Sandra Grace

Miami Beach, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Progrsv House / Club
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Versatile producer, performer & recording artist SANDRA GRACE is featured on VH1, MTV, FUNNY OR DIE, PANDORA, and iTunes. She was a top-10 artist on Logo by audience vote, and a top-50 weekly most-linked-to artist on YouTube.
Sandra Grace's original productions include three albums, two music videos, an edgy & award-winning short comedy film ("OPEN") that is internationally distributed, and several sold-out live events. Her third album "Do You Have A Lover?" is described as a cross between upbeat electronica and a hilarious Saturday Night Live Sketch. The music video for title track, a spoof on a bad pickup line heard at a New "Yawk" City bar, premiered on the Logo network ("New Now Next"), shot up to "The Click List" as a top-10 audience-voted video; & was then picked up by VH1 & MTV. Her video "Stay With Me"--a love song--was honored as a top 50 "Most-Linked (This Week) In Music" video on all of YouTube (next to Kelly Clarkson and Tori Amos). Her dance song "Epiphany (My Life's Up To Me)" was featured in an Orbitz ad campaign (True Colors Benefit Auction with Cyndi Lauper).
Critics are raving about Sandra Grace and her third album "Do You Have A Lover?":
-".catchy. hook-laden, splendidly thumpin' dance track her hot looks and sassy tone had me at 'yo.'" -Logo network
-"Tough New York attitude. with South Beach dance flavors." -Buzz Magazine
-"Passionate and hilarious catchy beats and grooving electronic sounds." -Pink e-zine
-"Wickedly fun music Upbeat I dare you not to laugh showcases her production skills these songs are hard to beat I played this CD start to finish and not only was I not bored, I think I actually lost five pounds."
-"I love the exaggerated fake New Yawk accent [in "Do You Have A Lover?"]. It is like The Sopranos meets The L Word."
-".a mix of pop, techno and a great Saturday Night Live sketch. While the Brooklyn native lays down serious dance beats, she also likes to make her audience laugh." -Go NYC Magazine
-"A sweetheart with an angelic smile. beautiful" -Curve Magazine
-"A sexy sizzler of dance tracks that will keep you moving." -Dissolver Magazine
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