Rodney Wilkerson

Montgomery, Alabama, US
Artist / Band / Musician
R&B / Neo-soul
Ordinary People Records
When singer and songwriter Rodney Wilkerson chose to title his debut album Serious, it was not a decision taken lightly. In a budding career that has thus far found him utilizing his vocal and theatrical skills from the stage to the radio airwaves, he has proven himself to be a fiercely dedicated student of raw, soul-bearing expression. Put it this way: when Rodney auditioned for American Idol, he was turned down not because he wasnt good enough, the judges told him his voice was too powerful!

"Serious represents how I feel about music and the industry", states Rodney Wilkerson, "Ive lost relationships because Id rather be in the studio. Ex-girlfriends waited outside of my of my house to see who I was creeping with, but Id just be coming from the studio. Id leave school, work at the Rose supper club until 3 in the morning, then go to the studio till 7. I'd come home and sleep for two hours and get right back up for my 9 o'clock class. I followed this routine for three years. I was serious."

The Montgomery, Alabama native's new album "Serious" showcases a robust and versatile talent, from the persuasive late night sensuality of "Love The Pain Away" (penned by Niki Standard who has written for Blackstreet and Sisqo) and the tender, semi-acoustic strains of the title track 'Serious' to the Southern fried steppers funk of "No Lover" (Dont Want to Love). "I know a little something about the blues", he assures in the intro, and commences to put it down from verse one.

The single "Ooh Wee Golly", finds him milking the sweetest of all these vocal gifts. Best of all, it shows that he's down to help all the fellas in his listening audience with the right words and righteous approaches for unparalleled romance!

Rodney has the uncanny ability to fuse bedrock R&B elements into winning contemporary context. From a strong-as-iron natural tenor voice to a thrilling masculine falsetto, the man is in possession of some special tools to unlock the vault of the right womans heart. And he's ever ready to go to work.

"When I sing a song" Rodney shares, "I put myself in the position of the gentleman in the story I'm singing about. My college major was Theatre Arts, so I am able to go there mentally. Some people just sing to sing but I'm all about the feeling."

Now working with manager Edwin Davis, Rodney Wilkerson is focused not only as a singer, but a songwriter as well. He had a hand in composing nearly every song on his debut album. A standout is his cautionary "Should Have Stayed t Home." "Sometimes I Sleep listening to a track then wake up and write", he shares. "I wrote Should Have Stayed at Home in 30 minutes."

Now Rodney is serious about introducing himself to the world just as he is. "I'm not getting into the music industry for money", he says earnestly. "I mean, I'd like to retire my Mom and have something for my kids, but Im really getting into it because I dont want to do anything else."
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