Boise, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Metal / Thrash
Produced by Ripchain
Engineering and mastering by Andy A. at Project 7 in Boise, Idaho

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- Crucible Webzine - 2009 -
"Doom Generator is a 5 track EP of very, very satisfying American Heavy Metal that should easily find fans into any of the above mentioned bands. RIPCHAIN do truly hold a place all their own in the world of Metal. Not exactly fast enough to be considered Thrash, not brutal enough to be considered Death Metal, but more intense than most Power Metal, they manage to blend the three subgenres into a sound and fury all their own. Fucking monstrous."
- The Boise Beat - 1/12/2008
"Ripchain announced their presence before they began playing. A neon-lit assault-rifle was mounted on one of their amps, and their guitars were adorned with camouflage and attached to chain-straps or bandoliers full of bullets. Even before their first song, Ripchain oozed an authentic metal vibe."
- The Boise Beat - 1/12/2008
"There's no other way to say it: Ripchain took no prisoners. Their Sabbath and Slayer- soaked attack was thick, sincere and never predictable. Ripchain played orc killing, church burning heavy metal, with all of the furious riffing and double bass thunder that entailed.Their slower moments were welcome, too. Atmospheric, eerie and punishing, these passages created images of viking ships crewed by skeleton warriors, rowing toward their own doom."
DISCLAIMER: "we do not condone church burning, that is a violent act of terrrorism, don't even think about it!" (we do however condone the burning of our songs onto disc so you can share them with your friends.A LOT)

In the summer of 2004 a group of metal heads came together to make some serious noise. The sound they created could've been defined as 'modern hard rock' built on a solid foundation of 'classic heavy metal'. Over time their sound evolved. It became something that wasn't expected. Something fresh.

David Ford, a rebel of the classic teachings of Metallica, Slayer and Black Sabbath provides lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Without disregarding his unique vocal tone, he boldly takes inspiration from 'modern' vocalists such as Randall Blythe (Lamb of God) and David Draiman (Disturbed). His lyrics effectively cut through the mix with clarity and attitude providing a hook that much of today's metal lacks.

Joff Stone, a student of Godsmack, Metallica, BLS and Stuck Mojo, handles lead guitar duties and backing vocals. On stage Stone performs a rehearsed ballet as he skillfully operates footswitches, plays guitar and sings. His brutal attack on stage and on the guitar has garnered him the nickname: Juggernaut.

James Turner is the newest member of the Chain Gang and joined the band in the summer of 2010 after a three year hitch with Boise hard rock outfit Aces & Eights. His fast paced, punkish, anger-soaked street rock 'n roll style integrates well into the Ripchain sound and ethic. His high energy and head banging, fist-in-the-air snarl on stage complements an already well developed and kickass Ripchain stage show.
Influenced by Motorhead and other old style/old style-inspired hard rock, punk and metal bands (Tank, AC-DC, DiAnno fronted Iron Maiden, Accept, and Peter Pan Speedrock, among others,) James brings a welcome "edge," enthusiastic attitude and unique quality to the band. He eagerly looks forward to helping bring the Ripchain philosophy to the world!

RIPCHAIN's dedication and persistence has brought them a very respectable draw in their hometown. They are striving to broaden their audience to a worldwide level. Ripchain has played well over a hundred shows. They've traveled regionally from Washington to Utah to the Sunset strip. They've played with many great bands such as Static-X, Prong, Otep, 3 Inches Of Blood and many more.

RIPCHAIN is poised to strike at the hearts of metal fans everywhere.
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