Pure Sweet Hell

New York | Seattle, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal / Progressive / Metal
No longer with Crash Records
Inspired by the name of a 1950's thriller novel, PURE SWEET HELL have been crafting songs, and jamming together on and off for over ten years. With or without a label these guys are hell bent on making their own brand of metal, and proof of this was a self produced, very heavy, six song Demo from 2003. More music was needed to help secure a label contract, so the band recorded the full length "The Voyeurs of Utter Destruction as Beauty" with the production help from Curran Murphy in early 2004. "The Voyeurs." was released through the bands website, and the familiar refrain of "Why aren't these guys signed yet?" was put to rest when the band inked a deal with Crash Music Inc in late 2004. "The Voyeurs." was finally released on February 22, 2005 through Crash Music. Very strong impressions have been made with this cd and the record is still available at the Crash music store. http://www.crashmusicstore.com/
featuring guest solos from Jeff Loomis(Nevermore), Dean Sternburg(WithinAnother), and Curran Murphy(Shatter Messiah).

All though the band has left Crash Music, Pure Sweet Hell is currently working on a new concept album titled "Last Realm of the Absurd". The Pure Sweet Hell machine is just starting to roll, and they're having a helluva good time Spreading the Hell.

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