Poison Cherry

Dallas, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Glam / Rock / Metal
DD Semans Smashes Guitar at Poison Cherry Show

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Poison Cherry - Nothing But a Good Time (Music Video)

Do you remember the days when Poison, Guns N' Roses, Whitesnake, KISS and Ratt ruled the airwaves? Do you long for the days of killer guitar solos, pounding drums, thunderous bass, and the infamous front-man that takes the crowd's energy to a whole other level? Well, then grab your make-up, hairspray, and spandex because POISON CHERRY, the ultimate 80's hair metal experience, will take you back to those glory days.
A brief Look at the members of the band will prove the authenticity of being coined "the ultimate 80's hair metal experience." The front man, Nikki Lixx, will blow you away with his stage antics and searing vocals. The dual lead guitars of D.D. Semans and Thrash will make you pump your fist as they rip through your favorite solos and dazzle the crowd with their fast licks, high kicks and guitar tricks. On Bass, Bobby Bawlz will get your heart thumping and your fist pumping as he throbs the groove on the low end. Finally, Jakk Wylde on the Drums. While flipping, twirling, and breaking sticks, Jakk keeps it all together while beating on his gargantuan 12-piece kit in his killer spandex.
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