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PERCIEVE - SECOND CHANCES the album out now!
Best local album of 2008 - DJ Sirvere
Featuring: PNC, Ethical, Flowz, FortyOne, Robin Johnson and more!

Message this account if you’re interested in a copy of the CD and I will send one out. Also available from the following:

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The first artist to join 2Much records since the Footsouljahs, Percieve is a name to watch for.
Gaining attention in late 2006 he featured alongside Che Fu on PNCs 'Stress Relief' (Produced by P-Money). He followed this with a well received EP CD Snapshot, and then his debut album Second Chances, which was praised as the best local album of 2008 by DJ Sirvere, and received great reviews.
A Wellington based rapper/producer, his unique production style of layering sick compositions over samples, and a flow regarded as one of the best in the capital make Perceve an artist in the truest sense. While he considers himself a rapper primarily, don’t be mistaken - homie makes good music. Listeners are drawn to the realness and honesty presented with undeniable lyrical skill on his tracks and see the same thing on stage, where he performs with a live presence that shows just how much his heart is in the music he crafts. With a persistence and drive shaped by his literal fight for life in 2005, and a dedication to the music that remained while many MCs faded into the background, Percieve is the walking definition of a survivor.
Third person bios aside, l started writing a while ago, like when I was about 13 I guess.naturally I was quite wack, I was no Kriss Kross anyway. I grew up in Otaki and moved 2 Welly for uni 5 years ago, got a bit more into the rap stuff, till it started fuckin with my concentration at Uni so I sorta killed it for a minute, then in 2005 I had a head on collision and was stuck in bed 4 a minute, so I got back into it :)
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