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"Dinner And A Movie" In Stores Now!

It’s time to make plans to catch Dinner And A Movie - the new album from Brotha Lynch Hung. This is your chance to hear the darkest side of Strange Music from straight outta Sacramento. Brotha Lynch Hung grabs you by the throat and assaults you with his twisted vision on tracks like "I Plotted (My Next Murder)", "Meat" and "Colostomy Bag". This is one Strange release you can't miss. Grab your copy today!

“I don’t have to kill anyone. I just think it. It’s all up
here. Believe me, if I started killing anyone, there’d be none of
you left.”— “The Interrogation”, Dinner And A Movie
Brotha Lynch Hung watches a lot of movies, mostly horror flicks.
The King of Sacramento also writes screenplays: While penning his
first script, he simultaneously wrote his Strange Music debut,
Dinner and a Movie. Blurring the line between audio CD and audio
book, listeners are sucked into the highly imaginative mind of
Lynch as he plays out gruesome tales of murder, violence and
deception. Powered by his twisted sense of humor, Dinner and a
Movie is both therapeutic and fantastical, as Lynch unleashes his
own demons while at the same time creating a character so unlike
“Them niggaz think I’m weak cause I’m very nice. All I do is
think about eating them every night.” —“Colostomy Bag”
Dinner and A Movie, the first of three concept albums Brotha
Lynch Hung will release via Strange Music, follows the life of a
serial killer that’s slaying rappers in the game. “Back in the day,
we used to say eat rappers up or kill rappers off and eat ’em up,”
Lynch explains. “That’s basically what I’m doing. On the album it
sounds like I’m doing it to people, but it’s really rappers.”
Each track on Dinner and a Movie plays out like a scene in a
motion picture; a psychotic horror film to be precise. Blending his
addiction to court TV and programs about serial killing with his
respect for scary cinemateurs like Rob Zombie and Wes Craven, and
films like Hostel and Saw, Lynch’s album is the perfect vehicle to
explore his fascination with deranged killers. He’s also able to
showcase his own ability to switch on and off his double
personality: regular person by day, serial killer by night.
For Dinner and a Movie, Lynch rounded up a handful of
like-minded emcees, including BZO and First Degree The DE, to help
him carry out his sonic murder spree. On “Colostomy Bag,” Lynch, G
Macc and C-Lim ride a pulsing, piano-driven beat that would make
Dr. Dre proud. Produced by Justinn “Axis” Patton, who crafts five
tracks on Dinner and a Movie, “Colostomy Bag” transforms mad man
humor into a West Coast anthem. Axis also constructs musical mayhem
on the pulsating “Murder Over Hard,” punctuated by alarming cymbals
and sirens, on which Lynch continues to let his murderous rants
loose: “Me and murder are tight like vice grips.”
“D.O.A.” and “Nutbagg” are made specifically to rock big crowds.
Both produced by Michael “Seven” Summers, Lynch felt the pressure
to come with heat knowing he would soon be touring with Strange
Music founder Tech N9ne. Taking stage cues from LL Cool J and
Run-DMC, Lynch has extensive theatrical plans for his Dinner and a
Movie stage show.
Joining producers Axis and Seven – two of Lynch’s favorite
producers of all time who he claims are knocking heads together at
the top – is Lynch himself. Lynch has skills: He produced his Gold
album, 1995’s Season of Da Siccness. “Another Killin” features Cali
superheroes Snoop, Daz and Kurupt. After appearing on one of
Snoop’s mixtapes, Snoop returns the favor, taking aim on Lynch’s
spray-’em-up joint. “I made the beat,” Lynch starts, “and Daz and
Kurupt heard the beat and wanted to get on. I went to bed and when
I woke up, they were on it.”
“Don’t Worry Mama, It’s Just Bleeding” features Strange Music
cohorts Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko. The synergy between label mates
is evident, as the three spit in sync over a stuttering soundscape.
“I love being with Strange,” Lynch assures. “They are the only
company that fits me. I’m glad to be part of the family.”
A wordsmith who grew up revering Rakim, Lynch’s stories reveal
the rapper’s darkest secrets. “Meat” is a dedication to his son
when they were separated by his son’s mother. “I Tried to Commit
Suicide” details the same situation, with the addition of his
daughter being taken from him. “I went crazy because of all the bad
stuff that was going on,” Lynch shares about the inspiration for
the song’s title.
Making albums for Lynch is a distressing, yet cathartic process.
“Every time I make an album, I have to go through pain in order to
make the songs I want,” Lynch states. “When my mom died, she was
trying to stay around for my daughter to be born. In the same
hospital that my mother died in, four days later my daughter was
born, in the same room. My daughter is my mom reincarnated. If I
lose her, I try to commit suicide.”
Sprinkled throughout the album are hysterical psycho skits
created by Lynch, and produced by Lynch and the amazing Robert
Rebeck, who also mixed the entire album for Chapman Recording. The
skits are disturbing, yet criminally comical, and string Lynch’s
songs along with a raunchy fluidity.
According to Lynch, a lot of rappers in the last 10 years came
out and ruined the rap game. Now people are scared to buy a whole
album because they might only like one song. Lynch wants to dispel
those fears by inviting you to Dinner And A Movie.
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