Artist / Band / Musician
Down-tempo / Country / Indie
??OLDSEED IS GOING TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE MUSIC WORLD!!!!?.just kidding.? ?in indigenous traditions the world over, there has been a balance between sedentary and nomadic tribes. as the nomadic tribes would travel from region to region, they would inevitably end up staying on the land of their sedentary counterparts. during these encounters, the sedentary tribes would often seek councel from members of these nomadic tribes. you see, when there is conflict within a sedentary group, resolution is difficult because all involved have a vested interest in the outcome (i.e. tied to the land). responding to various inquiries (what crop should i plant, who should my son/daughter marry etc.), the nomadic tribe would use storytelling and song to give a metaphorical element to their response thus leaving the decision up to the interpretation of the sedentary tribe. this is the origin of the travelling artist.?then came the technological revolution and everything got fucked up.? ?oldseed is the individual songwriting efforts of c. bjerring. playing in numerous other projects over the years, c. bjerring has focused on oldseed over the last 5 or so years. he is trying his best to return to the original purpose of the travelling artist.
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