of god and science

Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Other / Concrete
of god and science is Matt Dominguez, Jeremy Fine, and Julian Martinez.
Black Rabbit was written, produced, and recorded throughout ’09 and ’10
at Ends-In-Z Studio in Albuquerque’s North Valley. The record was mixed
and mastered by Eric Wofford at Cacophany Recorders in Austin, TX.
As is plainly evident in the stark, hallucinatory landscape of the 2nd record,
the music mirrors the paradoxical high desert where they were born. It’s a
setting simultaneously mythologized and disowned by other New Mexican
musical acts that find their way to a wider audience, and here it clearly
informs their work, even if on a subliminal level. The album title is apt; in
world mythology, the hare is at once a creature of guile and mishap, purity
and depravity, and these contrasts serve well the band’s genre-skewing
wanderings. In their debut record their experimentations crystallized each
song into a strange jewel-box—strongly crafted and lovely, but thinly bound
together as a whole. While Black Rabbit similarly refuses capture into a
singular type of music, the songs bind together in a kind of extended
mediation on the hazy aftermath of love and faith. In less skilled hands these
detours could come off as frenetic or unfocused. Black Rabbit showcases the
band’s ability to create a vivid, haunting journey and demonstrates the depth
of their (as of yet, unconsummated) talents.
The debut record, OF GOD AND SCIENCE, was released May 1, 2007. It is a
good mixture of indie-rock/pop songs that are well arranged and packed
full of melody. On a tiny self-funded release budget, the record charted on the
CMJ top 150 for 6 weeks. It was reviewed globally including nods from SPIN.com,
Tiny Mix Tapes, Illinois Entertainer, americana-uk.com, and many more.
of god and science toured throughout ’07/’08 playing every major city from
Tucson to New York City and back. This includes many music festivals in the US
and Canada like SXSW, NXNE, DFest, and MidPoint Music Festival.
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