Northern Wind

Lake of the Woods, Ontario, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
Arbor Records
Northern Wind is a contemporary Ojibwe Pow Wow singing group from the Lake of the Woods area in Ontario, Canada. Formed in 1991 by Gabe Desrosiers of North West Angle, Ontario, Northern Wind has had the opportunity to travel extensively sharing their music style with the many First Nations of Turtle Island as well as people overseas; along the way always following and respecting the teachings of elders, the Anishinabe ways and the Jingle Dress.

Many of the singers either currently reside or were born and raised in Whitefish Bay, Ontario, while other singers, includeing Gabe and Farrell, were born and raised across the river in North West Angle 33. A few of the boys come from and reside in Minnesota and South Dakota. However, when we travel to Pow Wows we normally use Lake of the Woods, Ontario as our central location of residence seeing that all the singers were born and raised in the area or live near the area.

On Friday November 7, 2008 in Winnipeg, Manitoba we had the distinct honour of winning the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Award for Best Traditional Pow Wow album for our album November Winds. We would like to thank all the Pow Wow people out there in First Nations country who voted for us as well as for their support, you are all friends to us and we hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you and share our music with you at a Pow Wow near you; we would also like to say thank you to Hopi Zephier for her contribution to the album and for her beautiful version of November Winds; and finally we would like to say thank you to Brandon Friesen and Arbor Records for their continuted support of our drum group. Chi miigwetch.

On April 23, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico we had the honor of being the recepient of the Native American Indigenous Image Award for Best Pow Wow Album for "November Winds." We would like to thank the commitee for voting for us and to all First Nations people who listen and enjoy our music. Chi-Miigwetch.
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