North Bear

Wind River Reservation, Wyoming, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass
THROW DEM PAW'z UP!!! North Bear welcomes you to our myspace page. Check out some of the newest video's of our latest powwow circut travels. We didn't travel as much as we thought last year but, 2010 is a different story. We have some of our newest & most deadiest ROCKER'z to make your feathers dance & toes tap & we are bringing our most powerful krew ever.
We've made some awesome new friends this year & we want to thank all those who put us up in their homes & hooked us up with eat'z. North Bear will always be greatful to you.
We've had some hardships in family & friends this year. We pray for those who have lost loved ones & pray for those who have bad feelings toward one another.
Now that powwow season is half way over.We hope to see you all very soon at the next POWWOW.
Don't forget to get our LATEST CD
"North Bear Live at ft.hall" titled: "The Peoples Champ".
To those new groups out there wanting to be jammin one day, one word to you. PRACTICE! It was always told to us & look where we are now. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are worthless & can't sing. To all you haterz out there. KEEP EM COMING!!!

Much love and respect to everyone who visits this website.


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