No Jake Brakes

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Japanese Classic Music / Rockabilly
It is a perplexing, yet gratifying duty to classify the sound manufactured by the Oklahoma City based quartet No Jake Brakes. No Jake Brakes blends Country, Rock, and Rockabilly to form a unique sound that is destined to delight the mind, body, and soul of any listener. It is blatant that the four members of NJB all hail from Oklahoma. Their music has fittingly taken on characteristics of the weather so closely associated with the "Sooner State". F5 tornado force guitar slashing provided by lead guitarist Michael Mayes paired with the thunderous power of an Upright Bass plucked by Timmy Melton, set this group of seasoned musicians apart from any other band. Songwriter and frontman Cody Peterson possesses the uncanny ability to capture the imagination and lead it fearlessly on a compelling journey.Drummer and percussionist Barron Snider brilliantly supplies the band with a flawless "heartbeat". When all of these attributes are combined an astonishing and powerful performance is expelled. A performance that is rivaled by few.
The wind in Oklahoma will inevitabley wail furiously. If you're not careful it will knock you right off your feet. Just like the menacing gails, No Jake Brakes is capable of the same.
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