Jian's New Wave

Published: September 12, 2012

CBC Music's newest stream is Jians New Wave, featuring hundreds of new wave classics handpicked by Q host Jian Ghomeshi. Check it out, starting Wednesday at noon ET (9 a.m. PT) on CBC Music.

On Jians New Wave, youll hear seminal 1970s new wave artists like Blondie and the B-52s, punk crossovers like the Jam, keyboard-heavy new wavers like Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, glammy '80s poppers like Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper and modern artists like Austra and Hot Hot Heat, who are carrying the new wave torch (which is an asymmetrical, pink-and-black-checkered torch).

Ghomeshi recently told us about the pivotal role new wave music played in his coming of age: I desperately thought being new wave was cool and tried to emulate my favourite new wave heroes as a kid, and failed miserably in most cases.

He'll choose every song for the stream from his own collection.

"Im launching the stream with a particular song that Id like us to start with.

To find out the identity of the song that carries so much significance for Ghomeshi, tune in for the launch of Jians New Wave on Wednesday.

That means if youre reading this before noon ET on Wednesday, refresh your page when the clock strikes 12 and click on the Jians New Wave stream on your right.


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