New Music Videos: Marian Hill gets “Down”, DVBBS are “Not Going Home”

Published: March 17, 2017

Marian Hill - Down

The new video for Marian Hill’s “Down” takes the song’s lyrics as literally as possible, showing the duo performing the song in and around the elevators at what appears to be a hotel. With its playful editing and uncanny feel, we are definitely “down” for more videos like this.


Flagship - Midnight

Starring Kate Bosworth, (whose husband directed the video) the video for Flagship’s new single shows the actress/model exploring the streets of San Francisco, dancing alone in a ballroom, and meeting up with the band’s lead singer, Drake Margolnick. Shot in black and white, the video is undeniably elegant and captures the song’s themes of love and longing.


DVBBS & CMC$ feat. Gia Koka - Not Going Home

Another geographically themed video, “Not Going Home” seems like a celebration of Los Angeles, and of moving on from the place you were born. Showing the Canadian duo and Gia Koka running around LA, driving dune buggies on the beach, and having fun by plastering “Not Going Home” stickers on everything (and everyone) in sight, the song captures the sort of fun you can only get up to away from home (unless you’re from LA, I guess). The video’s release also comes with the news that DVBBS has signed onto Ultra Music/Sony, signalling that these Canadians might be about to move into the spotlight. Buy their Beautiful Disaster EP here.


LapsongSouchong - Kool A.D.

The “oldest” video on our list, “Lapsong Souchong” is no less deserving of its place. Basically just showing the alt-rapper perform the song at a few different venues, the video’s strength is not what it shows but how it is shown to us. With multi-colored filters, double images and trippy animations (that nostalgically remind us of those on Windows Media Player) spattered across the screen, the video is a treat to watch for anyone with a love for mind-bending visuals.


Kinda Complicated - Scott Helman

Just released yesterday, the lyric video for Scott Helman’s “Kinda Complicated” is another trip. The Canadian indie rocker is shown performing the song throughout much of the video while the lyrics pop up around him. Heavily filtered and at times using a fisheye lens, the video is a visual spectacle. Helman’s debut LP, Hôtel de Ville, is set for release on May 12th.

And now that you're done reading, go have a beer! It's St. Patrick's Day!

Post by Dan Goldsmith

New Music Videos: Marian Hill gets “Down”, DVBBS are “Not Going Home” by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.

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