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Published: March 10, 2017

Harrison - Right Hook

Set to Harrison’s electro-funk jam, the video for Right Hook follows a jogger as she discovers that the world around her is moving to the beat of her music. This concept pulls us in as we begin looking for the next visual representation of the beat: a metronome, a swing set, dancers.  The director, Eva Michon explains it as an ‘exploration of visual time keeping'. Catch Harrison performing in Toronto at the Field Trip Festival, June 3rd-4th.

The Shins - Name for You

The Shins

Here’s an interesting one. In honor of their new album, Heartworms, out today, indie icons The Shins released not one, but TWO versions of their new single, Name for You, and music videos to go along with them. I’m kind of surprised, but I actually dig the “flipped” version more than the album’s. It’s catchier and moodier sounding than its counterpart, and is a lot more dance-able than most Shins fare.

See how both versions compare here.

Ralph - Tease

Ralph has been building momentum for a while now.  The Toronto-based indie pop singer started getting buzz a year ago with a trickle of song releases on her Soundcloud account (her first three have earned about 300,000 combined listens). Fast forward a few months and she has released an EP and a pair of videos, “Tease” the most recent. Tease is a synth-y foot tapper, catchy and very suitable for promoting Ralph’s new EP. The video is ethereal and picturesque as Ralph slams the ‘player’ that messes with her and her friends. The video seems to be striking a chord online, with nearly double the amount of views as her first video in only a few weeks.  The release party for her self-titled EP is coming up, set for March 22nd at the Drake Underground in Toronto.

Girlpool - 123

Girlpool came back into our lives this week with the release of “123”. The song starts slow and builds throughout, giving a surprise to familiar listeners as drums kick in after about a minute (percussion was once foreign to folk-punk duo) to lead the song into a triumphant finish. The video is a little weird, Cleo Tucker bleeds green goo at various points, but according to the band it explores "a relationship that simultaneously exists as toxic and loving."123 was released ahead of the band’s upcoming album, Powerplant, due out in May. They will be in Toronto on June 5th at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools

Released on International Women’s Day, Beautiful Little Fools is definitely the “message” song of this list. Inspired by The Great Gatsby, particularly a line of Daisy’s in which she says that the best thing a girl can be in this world is a “beautiful little fool”,  the song discusses social constructs and the restrictions placed on women by society. Following the Gatsby theme, the video has an art deco aesthetic, and follows three versions of Smith from different walks of life crossing paths. With a well-conceived narrative and a thought-provoking song behind it, Beautiful Little Fools is our top new music video of the week.



Post By: Dan Goldsmith

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