Exclusive: The Rift Take Us Back to ’80s Arcade Games With the “Rock Narcotic” Music Vid - Nostaliga, yeah!

Published: August 04, 2017


Behold an inclusive world premiere of the music video for “Rock Narcotic,” courtesy of L.A. rock trio The Rift. The video, as you’ll soon see and hear, pays tribute to classic ’80s video games. Here’s singer/guitar Aris Aragnos telling BlastEcho a bit about the song:

“Rock Narcotic” is about losing yourself in rock n’ roll. We’ve all grown up on classic rock and metal albums from Metallica to Deep Purple and more current stuff like Absolution by Muse  and Tool.  Those are all featured albums in the music video.  To us, rock n’ roll is one of the most powerful and inspiring art forms out there. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle and the song is our tribute to that.

Now for entertainment purposes only:

For more information on The Rift, check out www.theriftla.com

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