Rhapsody and BandPage launch tool to drive fans to local concerts for their favorite musicians

Published: January 19, 2016

How many times have you heard this from a friend, a fan, even yourself: “I had no idea [insert artist name here] was in town! I can’t believe I missed that concert.”  It’s a more common occurrence than many of us realize.  In fact, a Live Nation study claims that 40% of tickets go unsold largely due to a lack of awareness.  Many services have tried to solve this problem, but most fall short of helping musicians sell out shows and give fans the best ticket purchase experience possible.  

BandPage and Rhapsody have teamed up to let fans know about upcoming concerts and help musicians drive ticket sales. Starting today, a new real-time concert push notification feature will deliver alerts to your fans based on their listening behaviors, preferences, and geography, the first  of its kind. The best part is there are no additional services required – no apps to download, no complicated tasks to complete.  All your fans need to do is simply listen to your music.  

Push_Events_G-eazy_v3But what does this push notification service look like?  Imagine you are absolutely head over heels for Oakland based artist G-Eazy.  You’ve had his latest album, “When It’s Dark Out,”on repeat for weeks.  Unbeknownst to you, G-Eazy recently announced a world tour, and he’s coming to your town.  In the middle of a G-Eazy binge on Rhapsody, you get a push notification on your phone (like the one pictured here) informing you of an upcoming G-Eazy show in your town!  A simple tap on “Get Tickets”, and you are on your way to G-Eazy bliss.

What makes this a more powerful experience for music fans is two things:

It engages your fans in a ‘moment of intent’
We live our lives in moments.  And we act upon our impulses in these moments.  If we’re in an “I’m hungry and need to eat” moment, and we see an ad for a local pizza place, we’re more likely to go buy that pizza than at any other time.  As BandPage has observed, the same applies to music.  When a fan is actively listening to your music, that is the best moment to show them a message, an offer, or a concert ticket direct from you.

It offers a seamless experience, taking your fans directly from Rhapsody to the point of ticket purchase
Unlike other ‘concert awareness’ services that require another app to open or an intermediate page to view, BandPage concert push notifications take your fans directly to your ticketing provider’s purchase page for that specific show, increasing the likelihood that your fans will complete a purchase.

Under the Hood: What goes into triggering a push notification?

It all starts with getting your tour dates into BandPage.  BandPage then uses a combination of listening data to identify the best fans to receive information about your concerts.  That data is then combined with geographic data to identify the best tour date to feature in the message.  Finally, once we identify a fan is in a ‘moment of intent’, aka. actively listening to your music, the appropriate tour date will be selected from your BandPage profile, and the push notification will trigger.  BandPage regulates carefully the frequency and volume of messages your fans receive, so they will never be spammed with unwanted messages.  

You have questions.  We have answers.

How can I start sending push notifications about my shows to my fans on Rhapsody?

If you already have your music on Rhapsody, all you need to do is add your tour dates to your BandPage.  Once your tour dates are in BandPage’s system, we’ll automatically start searching for the best fans to receive messages about your tour.

How much does this feature cost?

Exactly zero dollars.  Free.  Just like all BandPage content hosting and distribution services across Rhapsody and other streaming services, sending push notifications to your fans doesn’t cost you a dime.

Do I need to worry about my fans getting too many or unwanted messages?

Nope.  BandPage will optimize the volume and frequency of messages your fans receive so that such messages never become ‘spammy’ or burdensome to your fans.  Your fans also have the ability to disable push notifications from Rhapsody entirely if they so choose.

I want to read more about this! Where?

Great! Here’s what Hypebot had to say. And check out Rhapsody’s press release here.

I have other questions.  Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you!  Direct any inquiries about this program or anything BandPage to support@bandpage.com

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