Toilet ov Hell In Complete Terror, Spends A Whole Hour Crying

Published: May 17, 2019

Famed loser and known gorilla lover Joe thrash n’kill (it/she/that) has spent two years crying over his pathetic attacks on DMU and the merciless retaliation that he has received. Joe recently made a podcast involving two “men” with the voices of prepubescent girls. His gorilla lover even made a brief appearance as Joe once again showed that logic and the ability to communicate were completely lost to him. Let us look at Joe’s claims and delve deeper into the psyche of a man so weak and insecure, he has to fabricate lies to cope with his useless existence.

Joe believes that the last piece written on him was over three thousand words and contained around ninety comments calling that piece a “self own”. Joe has admitted to barely understanding the English language. The piece was barely over a thousand words and it shows how much of a writer Joe truly is as he can’t even estimate the length of a piece. Most commentators on the previous piece had emails linking them to “cosplay” sites based on Nintendo characters. When a metal website’s following is constituted of anime loving, basement dwelling degenerates, it reflects on the quality of the writers of said website. Only one comment proclaimed this a “self own” and that was by Joe’s occasional lover and obese quadragenarian writer “Shayne in Blood”(reference to his uterus envy), who probably lives with his parents as he is unemployed. Mental gymnastics and the failings of society have enabled such cretins who would have died at birth were it not for the evolution in medical science.

Joe and his friends have proceeded to make insane comments on former DMU editors in his usual whiny tone but this time he was borderline crying. Throughout the whole podcast, it was apparent that none of them wanted to talk about us as they were whimpering even more than usual. One of the mentally challenged fellows even bragged about almost dying due to a cold. If you live in America and are dying of a cold than you are a very weak man and probably deserve to be euthanized. Try suffering from delirium due to fever in the middle of Mauritania. If you can’t afford health insurance that means that either your job is worthless or no insurance is willing to take a risk on your frail body. Joe believes that he deported Daniel Maarat which is a funny thing to say about a man who terrified you so much that you refused to write about him. Maarat left the states because his company had no business there anymore and there was no point in renewing his visa. That is a frustrating thought for Joe as he is a failed businessman. Joe mentioned Cullen Toner and how he pushed him towards christianity. Obviously Joe was persecuted as a child by Christians due to his degenerate behaviour and his blooming sexual attraction towards all beings in the primate order. Toner then destroyed him by outing him for what he truly is and then went on to produce a very good Death metal album with Christian overtones because that is his religion, not a hard concept to comprehend.

Joe has absolutely no understanding of European politics and can’t see the link between Marine Le Pen and socialism, the woman who seeks to exponentially increase government aids for those who struggle with their rent and to nationalise various companies operating in France. Joe is so deprived of education that he can’t understand basic genetics while he insults me in his pitiful whine due to my apparent lack of “body hair”. Testosterone and body hair are dictated by separate genes and the relevant alleles. As seen by the pictures of Joe, he probably suffers from osteoporosis due to a lifestyle comprised of playing video games and being jobless. This man brags about having huge quads while the picture says otherwise. A tiny five foot three man with a stronger wife who appears just to talk about “definition”. His wife asks me to slide into her DMs. Completely strange behaviour between that and mentioning on a few occasions some scenario where I penetrate him. Neither Joe and his wife have muscle definition, his wife is an ape with bigger arms than him and he is an anorexic short man. Muscle definition has always been chased by those without any athletic ability or no predisposition towards strength and just because you look like a gorilla doesn’t mean you have muscle definition or strength. Joe claims to be a big man but weighs no more than one hundred and thirty pounds. In the past I have struggled multiple times making the one hundred and seventy pound limit in wrestling and this man dares to call me small? I have sent a few pictures of Joe to a physiotherapist to see if an athletic commission would allow an MMA fight between us, Joe would have to put on ten to fifteen pounds of muscle first before even being eligible for the medical evaluation. Joe is a coward and a retard who isn’t even able to fight. The man with such a high pitched voice that even Rob Halford had to ask him how to do it.

I, Nicholas Vahdias swear it upon Allah himself to do everything possible to end this man who can’t name a classic death metal album other than blessed are the Sick and Altars of Madness without stuttering. This lying ignorant gorilla loving twink will pay for his lies. I have a bot that will continue to track any mention from Joe about DMU and its writers and I will do more than his twitter troll to hurt this “man”. Joe Thrash n’ Kill thinks he is a man but he is a devious little whore who flaps his chicken legs as if he actually accomplished anything in his life which we know is not true. The man lives in an over-sized shed, is married to a man and has no education or job prospects despite being in his thirties. You have made endless lies and insane statements throughout that podcast and you will pay for such actions. There is no time to list the nearly endless list of defamatory comments. The gorilla lover can’t even pronounce the word “effete”. Also your skits were worthy of a five year old, knowing about any topic is not the same as being able to analyse and to dissect it. Every human knows what a rocket is but few of them can detail how they are built, same principle with music.

Do us all a favour and do the one thing to redeem yourself!

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