My Luck

Artist / Band / Musician
Youngblood(USA),Southern Rise(UK),NJW(Netherlands)
"The Greatest Being" is being written in Houston and Austin, Texas. My Luck plans to play a Houston show, as well as a London record release show in April with a few other UK dates. Our new 7" "The Importance" will be out on in April on the new Southern Rise label in England. Thank you to all that attended our performance at Emo's (ATX) Dec 10th. Trash Talk were incredible.


.Is Frozen: YB 11 OUT OF PRESS: 100 purple,300 orange swirl,60 rec release covers black vinyl,540 black,2nd press 100 black vinyl(stamped labels ed/100 only sold at Positive numbers fest

Cleaver: 1st pressing 150 orange with red labels,319 orange with yellow labels,31 orange with yellow labels and "fallcore" cover ed Oct 1st-31st:2nd pressing 475 red vinyl, 25 red vinyl w/silk screened "scooter" covers by Will Boone(work and destroy!

My Luck/Final Plan - Closed Casket Secrets: ed 522 blue vinyl (out of print)

My Luck/Final Plan Closed Casket Secrets: CD

Anger Management Session 1: need pressing info

Endurance: 1030 copies pressed: 110 on blue splatter, 410 blue clear, 460 black vinyl regular cover, 50 black vinyl silkscreened fabric covers made by Will Boone(Work and Destroy!) (feb 27th houston show only)
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